5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Is Better Than Car Tracker

5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Is Better Than Car Tracker
As explained in this post, a car tracker is useful in monitoring the location of a car, truck or any moving vehicle.
It makes use of a GPS or GLONASS technology and combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

Is A Car Insurance Better Than A Car Tracker?

We have earlier listed out the definition and some amazing importance of using a car tracker, and today we'd be visiting the reasons why a car insurance is better than a car tracker.

• Your insurance company would cover damage during robbery

We all know that one major reasons people go for car trackers is in case their vehicle gets stolen. With a car tracker, you can easily track down your stolen vehicle, but what happens to any damages that might have been incurred during the theft?
Here comes the insurance company, their duty is to cover for any damages that happens to your vehicle, including damages during theft.

• What if it's a fire accident?

A tracker doesn't have any say in the case of a fire accident, but an insurance firm will handle any damages. This is also another great advantage of using a car insurance.

• Insurance takes responsibility of any damages

Did your vehicle get involved in an accident? Was it stolen? It is the duty of the insurance company to track down the vehicle and repair any damages that might have been incurred during the process.

• Some insurance even come with car trackers

Yeah, you heard me right. I know an insurance company that will give you a car tracker if your car is worth ₦3 million or above.
This is a win-win for both the insurance firm and the clients. It'll help in reducing the cost of getting another car tracker while still making it easier for the vehicle to be tracked in the case of a theft.

• Insurance gives for value to your money

According to a post on Nairaland, some car trackers would require that you pay an annual fee of ₦60,000 and might even charge an installation fee of up to ₦40,000.
While in the case of an insurance company, if you insure a ₦2,000,000.00 at 4%, your insurance premium would amount to ₦80,000.00 per year.
Now, take a look at the benefits you stand to gain from the both packages, you'd see that the insurance offers more bang for your bucks.

Having seen the following benefits? You won't need any other reason to choose a car insurance over a car tracker.
By the way you can also decide to go for the two. A tracker will help in reducing your insurance premium. Before an insurance company calculate your cost, they would like to know how secure your car is.
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