How To Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b

How To Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b
Sometimes you may experience the Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b while sending an email.
Here we have come up with the solution to this issue. This blog will help you in solving the Outlook error. 
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MS Outlook is the most famous email clients for email communications but however sometimes user faces problem in communication. And one specific error faced in Outlook is the Error 0x800ccc0b. Whenever this error occurs the user is not able to send the emails as this error is caused due to the wrong SMTP server settings or details. And on the other hand, many other reasons are also responsible for this error to occur.

Causes behind MS Outlook Unknown Error 0x800ccc0b

● Misconfigured email client.
● Blocking access ISP to port 25.
● There may be a DNS problem with your ISP.
● You may not have installed Outlook properly.
● There may be frequent virus attacks on your system.
● SMTP may have corrupted on one of your servers.
● Unapproved access placed on port 25 by your ISP.
● Files may get corrupted and deleted.

If you find any of reason mentioned above for the error then on next you have to take the proper measures to resolve these issues or errors.

Most General solution to Fix MS Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b

These are the following techniques used to resolve the above-mentioned error. Both of the techniques are good to use, but one leaves you with a stress-free and quick fix to the error. 
These troubleshooting methods resolve the error manually by making changes to your official accounts. The following are steps to do.

1.Restart your system

The first step you should make is - Shutdown your computer and restart it and after that, you move towards the next step.

2. Get Configured your server

Now you should configure your MS Outlook with “SMTP: My server requires authentication.” And if it can not be connected then you have to perform these steps:
● Go to the File menu and navigate account settings options.
● Once the account section is displayed, click on the email menu and double click the email address which is having the issue or error.
● Now, wait till you get a pop-up, and click on the menu that shows more option.
● Visit the outgoing server tab to submit your credentials.
● Now click on My Outgoing Server requires authentication process.
● Go through the instructions mentioned there, and enter your name and password.

After you complete these the configuration with the SMTP server will be successful which will lead you to deal with the ports.  

3. Change the port number

You can use port 26 instead of port 25 for SMTP. Many ISPs are blocking port 25 for saving their clients from spams and cyber attacks.

4. Disabling the antivirus

You should temporarily turn off all antivirus and firewall systems.
If all of the above solutions fail you can opt for the alternate solutions to solve Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b which are discussed below:

Alternate solution 1

● Get to your port display section and replace the number with 465 for the SMTP.
● Now replace the port number of POP3 with 995 as it is compatible with all the windows.
● Successfully barricade the antivirus program for some while.

Alternate solution 2

● Launch the run program by simply pressing the windows and R key.
● Now type  “sfc/scannow/command” .
● After doing this, initialize the run program again.
● Type “cleanmgr.exe” and now hit the enter key.
● Keep following the prompts to commence the disk cleaning process.
● Later on, Click on Mail>>Show profiles>>properties>>data files and now enter the file name that you required to scan and press the start button.
● Once you have done with all the steps mentioned, make sure your credentials are absolutely correct.
● Now you are all set to launch Microsoft Outlook and check if any Unknown error 0x800ccc0b persists.

Drawbacks/Limitations of Manual Methods

● Manual Methods are not as much efficient
● Requires technical expertise.
● Time-consuming methods.
● These methods are lengthy and have complications.
● Some files may get corrupted or lost.

To get rid of the drawbacks of the manual method we can use an expert solution such as Outlook PST Repair. This kind of error may occur due to corruption in Outlook PST files. So, to repair PST files, this software will help you the most. It is a pure user-friendly tool that suits your requirements as it can recover maximum content from your damaged or corrupted PST files. This tool can be proven as an authentic solution to your problem as it can restore all Outlook email items and has no file size limits for PST recovery.


I hope this blog will help you to fix the Outlook Error 0x800ccc0b. In this blog, manual methods are discussed hope this will be knowledgeable and beneficial to you. Manual methods could lead to many mistakes and can corrupt the files so you can even use the automated tools available for quick and easy solutions.
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