Amazing Ways Optimising Your Website For Mobile Could Boost Your Business

Amazing Ways Optimising Your Website For Mobile Could Boost Your Business
Business owners have many things to think about these days, but one issue which will surely not have escaped the attention of anyone starting out is the importance of having an online presence.

A website is simply essential for companies across a range of sectors, as it gives them the chance to showcase their products and services to the wider world. 
However, the way people access such online services has changed massively in recent years, and with mobile devices becoming increasingly important, it is vital that businesses do not ignore the issue of mobile optimisation.

• Growing in importance

While a website designed for desktops can still be accessed on smartphones and tablets, the chances are it will not look the part when displayed on such devices. Perhaps even more importantly, they may not be easy to navigate, and that could mean users choose to switch off rather than assessing the work of your business.
Many studies in recent years have shown why mobile optimisation is now so important, with The State of Mobile 2020 report just released by App Annie revealing that consumers spent an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes a day on smartphones and tablets in 2019. This was found to be around 35% more time than two years earlier.

In addition, research by Perficient Digital found that 58% of site visits made in 2018 were from mobile devices, while such systems also accounted for 42% of total time spent online. Interestingly, consumers have seemingly been keen on mobile optimised sites for years, as a study by Google back in 2012 found that 75% of consumer say they would be more likely to return to a site if it worked well on a smartphone. SearchEngineWatch.com reports that the same research found that consumers are also five times more likely to give up on task if a site is not mobile friendly, with many choosing to go and find another suited to their needs instead.

• Leading the way

With all of that in mind, it is perhaps not a huge surprise that many sectors have taken the step of ensuring that their sites are primed for use on mobile devices.
Among the first industries to recognise the importance of this strategy was the world of entertainment, with content streaming sites redesigning their services for mobile, and gaming services also making the move. In terms of the latter, the idea was particularly embraced by iGaming. Everyone soon realised that, while having games was great, carrying them around offered an enviable opportunity for business growth. Which is why every igaming company - console, RPG, casino - across the world are now optimised for all screens.
With handheld technology expected to take a major leap forward thanks to the emergence of 5G, mobile optimisation is only likely to become even more important in the months and years ahead. So, what are the key issues businesses should consider as they look to improve their sites?

• Tackling the issue

According to DreamHost.com, there are a number of different steps that companies can take to optimise for mobiles of all brands and sizes.
One suggestion that could prove particularly useful if you already use WordPress is to check whether you currently have a responsive theme, as this would ensure that your site displays in the right way regardless of the device it is being viewed on. If you do not, you may want to consider changing your theme to a responsive one.
The site also recommends testing your site’s mobile speed to get a sense of how it is performing, before then improving loading times with easy wins like compressing large image files. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages to improve site performance is another option, while developing your own app can also offer benefits too.

• Ensure your site looks its best

Launching a business website can be an exciting time, as for many entrepreneurs it is the moment when their venture or idea is finally being shared with the public at large. But merely having one isn't enough; even companies with existing websites need to ascertain that their content is not just viewable but also optimised for mobile devices. With that in mind, don’t you want to ensure that the site looks its best regardless of what people are viewing it on?
Mobile optimisation is a vital step to take these days and it could ultimately have a major bearing on the success that your organisation goes on to enjoy.

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