Sports Betting In Africa: Five Most Crucial Trends

Sports Betting in Africa: Five Most Crucial Trends
These days sports betting is becoming more popular worldwide. For many people, it has already become more than just an ordinary hobby.
Instead, a great number of folks rely on betting as their primary source of income. 
It’s also true for African countries. Local folks try to make the most of various bookmarking sites and work hard to acquire the basic sports betting skills. 
Today, there are five most crucial trends in sports betting on the African continent: 
• The active use of mobile devices to make bets;
• Parimatch dominates the betting market in Africa;
• Single betting is a choice of African betters;
• Football rules;
• Mobile payments lead.
Now let’s consider these trends in detail.

Mobile betting in Africa

Modern life can’t be imagined without tablets and smartphones. African mobile users actively use their gadgets for sports betting. For this purpose, they install iOS or Android applications. By the way, Parimatch offers an alternative to traditional apps. That’s Lite Mobile. However, in many regards, mobile apps are much better. They quickly load all the necessary information and are updated on a regular basis.


Thera are thousands of bookmakers operating on the continent and Parimatch seems to be the number one solution for an average African sports better. The given provider turns out to be one of the largest companies working in this niche in Africa. The company delivers top-notch betting services in Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Uganda. There’s a high probability that the company will extend its list of supported countries in the near future. 

Betting type

Today’s bookmakers offer a rich selection of betting types. In fact, there are two major nuances of betting one needs to consider. The first one has to do with the number of bets within a bet slip. Here bets can be divided into Express, System as well as Single. According to statistics, Single betting definitely rules. It offers the least risk and the best chance to win. 
The position for sports betting is the second nuance to consider. African better can choose from Handicap, Double Chance, and Final Score.

Betting on football 

In Africa, football has been retaining its leading status since the 19th century. Professional clubs and leagues of the highest level work in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunis and others. The national teams of the countries mentioned above take part in the World Cup matches as well as other international events. Today, the vast majority of African sports betters choose exactly football to try their luck.

Payment options

Mobile payment methods are often chosen by African betters because it’s very convenient and fast. For example, they opt for Tigo Pesa and Vodacom. Tigo Pesa happens to be the official brand of Millicom International providing mobile services around the globe. As for Vodacom, it’s a South African provider that boasts over 55 million clients. The two providers have gained recognition on the African continent for their attractive rates, confidentiality, fast payments as well as security. 

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