How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Money In Nigeria

How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Money In Nigeria
Making money online presently is very easy, but being a Nigerian makes it a bit complicated.
There are so many things you'll need to do and yet, you are not allowed to.
One of such things we need to succeed online, but are not allowed to enjoy are PayPal accounts.
Yes, you can create a PayPal account as a Nigerian, but it can only send money, and yet you need to receive from your clients.
Take for instance, I am a blogger and get sponsored posts. Last month along I got more than 30 sponsored posts and advertisement opportunities, and no single one was from a Nigerian.
These clients can't pay through Western Union, since it would mean a lot of stress. They can't also use Payoneer, Skrill and other top payment gateways because they are a bit complicated.
PayPal is the only working solution, and they can't twist things to satisfy me alone...haha!
Me out of their hundreds of other clients?

So what does that mean?

Will you loose your potential earning opportunities because you are a Nigerian? The worst of it is that most of us don't even know the exact reasons why the giant payment gateway refused letting us use their platform, and we are legit internet hustlers.
Yes, I have been hustling online since 2016, and have never had to scam anyone. Every single dollar I made has been legit, and I know I'm not alone in this.

Is there a solution?

Where there is a will they say, there is a way! In 2017 I came across a PayPal course online, purchased it and have been rocking my accounts since then.
How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Money In Nigeria
The screenshot above is from my current account, and it can send, receive, create invoices, send money requests and even withdraw directly to your Nigerian bank account.
Amazing right?

I have been using PayPal since 2017, and my account has never been banned, suspended or limited. I only hear of such things on Facebook and from my friends, but 

What are the features of this account?

Just like any other foreign account, my own can:
• Send and receive money
• Withdraw directly to my Nigerian bank account
• Does not need a VPN to sign in
• Credit card verified (I have a website for purchasing credit cards that will be used for verification of the accounts)

And yes, I will give you a unique link I have been using to access all my accounts that build trust and I never get limited.

What's more?

You can even make a lot of money monthly setting up accounts and verification for people.
Personally, I charge ₦5,000 per account and sometimes get more than 6 orders in a week.
How good is that for a side hustle?

How Can You Learn How To Create And Verify PayPal Accounts In Nigeria?

I learnt how to do this in 2017 for ₦7,000 (the guy actually pinned it at ₦10,000 but we bargained).
No, it is not difficult to be so expensive, but it was worth it. On average I can set up an account in 20 minutes, but you can imagine paying ₦7,000 for that... haha!

Well, I won't be breaking your back for this. 
Since I want to make it affordable to all, the ebook will be available from now till month end at only ₦1,000.
After that, I take it back to the regular ₦5,000 (the current price on my website).
Will you spend ₦1,000 on cookies or get this life changing tutorial?

Never have to use another person's account anymore!
Grab your own copy immediately from Paystack and enjoy the other side of life.
PS: There are two ebooks in the package. 
For more information, you can call/WhatsApp me via +2349072979302 or email [email protected].
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