Salesforce Certification for Beginners - All You Need To Know

Salesforce Certification for Beginners - All You Need To Know
You might wonder about the best Salesforce Certification to start as a beginner. In this case, a few of them may be confused to start their Salesforce journey.
It is not important to pass the Salesforce exam and get the appropriate certification. You need to identify your best temperaments and talents so that you can easily groom your Salesforce career from scratch.

Various types of Salesforce Credentials

Generally, there are seven different types of Salesforce credentials from which you can achieve numerous certifications. 
The roles and credentials are as follows:
• Architect Academy (Architects) – The entire Architect academy as Salesforce architects are specially designed to create an ecosystem for recognizing & promoting the skills. It includes the three basic tiers: Domain Architects, Domain Specialists, and Technical Architects.
• Salesforce Pardot – With this Pardot credentials, you are trained to create, design, & implement the different marketing workflows with the assistance of the Pardot platform. The strategic marketing process can be created using various tools such as Lead generation and Email marketing. It is essential to compete for the long-term goals for success and fulfill customer’s requirements.
• Salesforce Marketers – The markets need to have the appropriate skills for the best practices & designs for email marketing with the assistance of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mail application. It includes implementing and setting up the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mail application. You need to attain additional knowledge and skills using the Social Studio for reporting, management, conversation analysis, and post creation.
• Implementation Experts – This Salesforce credential is used to create & deploy the Salesforce Cloud & Service Cloud solutions to fulfil their specific business requirements. It should fulfil their long-term success & goals of your clients in a scalable manner.
• Developers – Developers should have appropriate experience, knowledge, and skills to create programmatic applications and customised declarative using the Salesforce official website. With the advanced level, you need to perform data modelling & even develop complex business interfaces and logic.
• Platform App Builders – The Platform App builders will create, design, and also implement the customised Salesforce applications using the official website.
• Administrators – Administrators are one of the most important credentials to have deep Salesforce knowledge and its applications. They can easily configure & manage the Salesforce application to maximise the capabilities & features for their users.

Different Domains

There are various domains available across the Salesforce platform for an individual to get deeper into any specific areas based on their proficiency, expertise, and requirements. 
They are as follows:
- Communities.
- Mobile Strategy.
- Access & Identity Management.
- Data Management & Architecture.
- Integration.
- Visibility & Sharing.
- Visualforce & Apex.
- Application Architecture.
- Deployment & Development Lifecycle.
It is advisable to access the Salesforce official website to get detailed information on each credential.

Beginner – Preparation for Salesforce Certification

The Salesforce certification exam will include multiple-choice questions. There are 60 questions with a maximum of 4 or 5 choices to answer. You should answer the accurate answer to get one point. Any single error will count as 0 and no points for that question. It is most important to take the examinations only through on-site (any premises of the approved organizations) or the online website.
Users are requested to access the Salesforce official website to view the Certification page. 
Here, you can view the guide about the obtained scorecard, the exam duration, standard questions, and more information on the Salesforce certification program. The list of topics that are covered for the exam and its respective weight-age for calculating the score. Find below the few training ideas for your reference:
• Documentation – The Salesforce Documentation can be considered as a benchmark for the platform capacity and functionality. The Help menu will assist the users to understand the feature’s limitations and possibilities. You can also access the Developer section to know the Technical documentation. Irrespective of the chosen methods, the available materials will help you to succeed in the exam & your learning. When compared to other reliable sources, they can guarantee to offer useful & correct information for your Salesforce certification.
• Trailhead – Within the Salesforce universe, you can utilize the Trailhead, the free training website for the users. It assists the users in building the game environment on Sandbox and learns the various features through its modules. You can learn and get badges in a fun way. You can complete the modules by just answering the provided mini-quizzes or even configure the environment based on its statement. It is much easier to learn the mixture of practical & theoretical questions.
• Salesforce Community – Various exchanges available on the community certification will not provide social networks. It is more important to know both false statements and good information.
• Salesforce Training Programs – For each certification, you can get the proper Salesforce training. The pricing may differ based on the lesson’s quality. There are numerous Salesforce courses available across the online platform with affordable pricing. It is advisable to investigate the course quality before registering or signing for the same.
• Online Training – Online training is one of the most economical and effective methods to review the exam topics. With affordable pricing, you can purchase the video lessons for your Salesforce certifications. You should deepen and rework more on the provided topics. Most of the pre-approved lessons are available over the web for your reference. You can also go through some free quizzes such as Proprofs or Quizlet. Please be aware that they are not your official certification exam questions and not up-to-date. 
A few answers may be correct or incorrect. These questions can be utilized as a format for your certification and work hard to get the possible answers. You need to focus more on the format and try to get the best answers to complete the certification course. There are some quality quizzes or questionnaires updated regularly over the web. However, it is not free and needs to pay some affordable amount to get the correct answers.
• Retaking the Exam – You need to pay $200 to appear for the Salesforce certification. In case of failure, the users need to pay $100 for retaking the certification exam. You need to revise numerous times to create a good commitment. Invest more months to get you trained before attending the online exam. Moreover, think about your career once and decide the best job credential to choose from. Now, it’s time for you to select the best Salesforce certification as a beginner.
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