Planning Your Dream Holiday in Botswana

Planning Your Dream Holiday in Botswana
Whilst so many of us dream of swanning off to exotic island locations for our yearly vacation, we have so many beautiful destinations in our own continent of Africa.
Botswana has long been a dream holiday destination for many. Its wide open plains are the perfect setting for enjoying all the excitement of a safari, but while that's certainly a treat in itself, there's more to this beautiful country. Its capital, Gabarone is home to a whole host of luxury accommodation, and plenty of fascinating cultural sites too. All across the country, you'll find restaurants offering traditional Batswanian cuisine as well as a friendly welcome.
Here are some of the sites that you must be sure to take in when you take your vacation in Botswana.

• Stay at The Grand Palm Hotel

The Grand Palm Hotel is just a few minutes from Gabarone, but this magisterial building is grand enough to make you feel like you're totally secluded in paradise. Although there's plenty to see in the beautiful country of Botswana, it would certainly be possible to spend your whole holiday in the grounds of the hotel.
Fans of gaming will enjoy spending time in the state of the art onsite casino. As well as hundreds of slot machines, the casino is also home to plenty of gaming tables, so if you've done your homework and familiarised yourself with Showdown basics then you'll be in for a treat.
If the casino isn't quite your cup of tea, then a relaxing treatment in their famous spa just might be. The Camelot spa is a relaxing haven, decorated in earth tones and accented in copper; just spending time in the treatment rooms is enough to relax you. Of course, you'd be better to book yourself in for a complimentary spa treatment, whether that's something as indulgent as a massage with essential oils, or something a simple as a manicure, the choice is yours.

See the Okavango Delta

Of course, Botswana isn't only about the landscape, but it would be a shame to visit this country without seeing The Okavango Delta. This winding inland river is famed for its rich vegetation, which attracts plenty of wildlife. There are many different ways to see the delta, one of the most stunning is to take a helicopter ride over the river itself, which allows you to see the serpentine twists and turns and truly appreciate the contrast of blue water and green grass.

If taking a helicopter ride is a little out of budget, then it's also possible to visit the Moremi Game reserve, where game keepers can guide you down the river by canoe. This allows you to feel really close to nature, as you make your way past hippos, crocodiles, and even elephants who have stopped to drink. Looking out to dry land from the safety of your canoe, you could be lucky enough to see lions, leopards, giraffes, and rhinos. There are very few reserves where it's possible to see such diverse wildlife, so this really is worth the journey.
Eat Traditional Batswanian Food at Main Deck
Planning Your Dream Holiday in Botswana
Seswaa is a delicious dish of pounded goat meat
There are far too many great eateries in Botswana to recommend one over all others, but Main Deck in Gabarone is very capable of catering for most palates. For the fussier eaters, they offer steaks and hamburgers, which are freshly prepared and delicious. However, if you want to get a true taste of Botswana then be sure to try the Seswaa.

This dish is traditionally eaten at celebrations, as it is quite laborious to create. Firstly, goat meat is stewed over an open fire with onions and peppers until it becomes tender. Next, it is taken from the dish and pounded by hand, usually by the men as this requires some strength! Finally, the dish is served, as at this restaurant with the typical side dishes. Marogo is the first, a delicious creamy dish of spinach and pounded peanuts. The next is creamed corn -  we still have no idea how they make it so rich and smooth, but you're guaranteed to want a second helping.
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