What Do You Know About The Voice Over Internet Protocol?

What Do You Know About The Voice Over Internet Protocol?
VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one telephony tool that has grabbed much of limelight since the time it came into being.
Whether we contemplate its cost-effectiveness or its ease of operations, it has enticed businesses on various fronts. Its impact on a business’s communication is so evident that you can’t turn a blind eye towards it.

With that being said, many businesses still think whether it’s high to replace their old-school telephony system with the high-end tool, i.e. VoIP, or not. If you can relate to that category and are in fix, this post will clear the air on this matter.

Making the right decision over VoIP

Whether it’s VoIP or any other tool, certain situations raise the need for having them for better results. In the case of VoIP, you should get it for sure if:   

• You are not able to control the swelling call incurring charges

Communication infrastructure builds on PSTN-based is a high-priced affair. Whether it is the per-minute calling charges of hardware/software set-up and installation, you need to have a huge capital ready to invest in.  While it can be a cakewalk for enterprise-grade businesses, start-ups and small businesses struggle very hard on this front.

VoIP acts differently from traditional PSTN-based telephony. Unlike it, neither it demands specific device installation nor does it burden you with hefty calling bills. If you are choosing for cloud-based deployment then more savings are on your way.

In a cloud-based business phone system, all the telephony components are pre-deployed on the cloud space and can be accessed by availing a monthly service subscription. Maintenance and updates are taken care of by the service provider. In a nutshell, VoIP allows you to enjoy powerful & feature-rich communication without bearing a hefty costing burden.

• You are tired of being glued to your desk

The lack of mobility is a major concern with the PSTN-based telephony. You will not be able to gain access to business calls if you are not on your desk holding the phone receiver. This limits your ability and makes you frustrated sometimes.

This can be resolved using VoIP. The mobility of VoIP is noteworthy and deserves a huge round of applause as you can use any of the data-driven devices like laptop, PC, mobile phone and tablet and start communicating with the team and customers.

You can transfer the incoming business calls on the data-driven device of your choice without hesitation. It goes the extra mile to make you mobile by offering you the ability to share the data/documents, become a part for business web-conferencing, gain access to the entire database, and create data-rich reports. That means you move with your office and can work anywhere.

• You don’t want to depend on a certain way to start communicating

It’s high time to ditch your landline telephony system and make way for the internet phone system if you no longer want to depend on an old-fashioned & less effective way for business communication. 

In PSTN telephony, landline phone and the copper-wire connection is the only way to establish your communication infrastructure. This obstructs your performance at the time as if something goes wrong with these two, your business communication will become standstill.

But, with VoIP, you can start communicating using three ways which are connecting over Ethernet and Wi-Fi, using analog telephony adaptor, and downloading a softphone. No matter how worse the conditions are, something out of these three will keep connected with your customers.

• You aim for global expansion 

Once a business is established successfully, the next thing on the cards is exploring global markets. Going global is the need of the hour. While you aim this, you should find a way out to combat the high investments involved in the process. 

As calls are transmitted over an internet connection in a VoIP ecosystem, international calling is a cheap affair. Along with this, you have the facility to set-up a virtual/remote office using the local area code number.  

• You want to become a business with extraordinary customer service 

Customer service is one major success deciding factor. To get hold over better customer service, businesses left no stone unturned. the virtual phone system offers you a whole set of features like IVR, call transferring, on-hold music, customer welcomes messages, auto call attendant, and so on.

All these features work towards reducing call waiting time, improving call answering rate, and treating your customers most professionally and pleasingly. When you succeed at this front, no one can stop you from being a business with better customer service. 

• Using VoIP without giving a second thought

We all know that VoIP phone service is beneficial for a business in various senses. Replacing your old-school telephony with this latest and high-end tool can open up new opportunities to collaborate, integrate, and associate without any limitations.

The biggest perk of having VoIP by your side is that it is highly extensible. So, regardless of the nature of your business, it will support you and help your business grow.
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