Top 7 Most Profitable Businesses In Kenya

Top 7 Most Profitable Businesses In Kenya
Getting a job in Kenyan isn't as easy as before, as thousands of graduates flood the labour market in search of the little available jobs.
As the days are going, people are getting wiser and creating their jobs instead of relying on the government for white collar jobs that might not be available to the normal citizens.
This article will be listing out some top businesses you can venture into as a Kenyan (or someone intending to invest there) for maximum profit.
Before we proceed, have you seen our article on top 10 businesses to start with 20k in Kenya? It'll enlighten you on some other great business ideas that were not shared here.

Untapped business ideas in Kenya

If you've spend a good amount of time job hunting, then you'd understand what it means to be without jobs in Kenya. Inasmuch having a business isn't a very easy idea, it is still one of the best decisions you can make. 
Apart from the fact that you'd become financially independent, being an entrepreneur will also give the you benefit of not having to work for someone else. You grow your business without having the fear that one day, your employee might sack you.
Kenya is one of the most fastest developing countries in Africa, so investing there would be a great decision every investor will be making.
If you've been thinking of starting your own business in Kenya, below are some profitable business ideas you can venture into:

• Dry cleaning business

Top 7 Most Profitable Businesses In Kenya
Dry cleaning business is one of the most lucrative, yet untapped business ideas to venture into in Kenya. Starting a dry cleaning business is like solving a primary need, because all our clothes get dirty regularly, so we either do the laundry ourselves or send them to a dry cleaner.
You can start a dry cleaning business in developed cities like Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kitale, Eldoret, Kisumu or Thika which have a larger number of working class men, since they'd generally be business with work to do their laundries.

• Cyber Café

A cyber café is a café that provides Internet access to the public while charging a fee, which is normally based on time. Unlike the regular data plans, fees in cyber café are charged on a timely basis, irrespective of what your customer browses.
You can make as much as 4,000 Kenyan Shilling daily from a cyber café business. You can site your business in busy areas like universities.

• Car Wash Business

Top 7 Most Profitable Businesses In Kenya
Car wash business won't be going extinct soon, as thousands of Kenyans buy cars annually. Many people prefer sending their vehicles to the car washes to washing it themselves as the car washes are professionals in it.
So if you're in a busy location like Nairobi, venturing into car wash business will be one o the best decisions you'd be making.

• Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is becoming more popular of recent, as people are dishing red meats over medical advises. The demand for poultry products is still far higher than the supply, so you won't have issues getting customers.
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• Selling Second Hand Clothes (Mitumba)

Mitumba is the used to refer to plastic-wrapped packages of used clothing donated by people in wealthy countries. In Nigeria, it is called Okrika, and one of the most profitable businesses you can venture into with a little capital.
One good thing with these second hand clothes is that they come in good qualities, and very affordable. Hence you'd always see a large crowd hustling to buy them.

• Photography

Top 7 Most Profitable Businesses In Kenya
Photography is still a very lucrative business to venture into. Thousands of people carry out ceremonies like weddings, birthdays and child naming ceremonies. If you're a good photographer, you'd be making good money from events and personal shoots.
With a good camera, the right skills and social media presence, you can be making good money as a photographer in Kenya.

• Selling Snacks 

Popular snacks like sausages, samosas, meat pies and buns are widely enjoyed across all parts of Kenya. You can make good money from making and selling these products to people around you.

Your menu can contain anything from boiled eggs, cakes, mandazi, soft chapatis, mahamri, samosas and smokies.
Many snack sellers have made a fortune selling the above listed snacks to their customers because of the high demand. One good reason many people go for snack selling businesses is because of the low capital needed for it.

Other good businesses to venture into in Kenya:

Apart from the above listed businesses, you can still venture into any of the following:
• Cake Making
Garbage Collection
• Mobile Money Transfer
Travel Agency 
• Boda Boda ( Motorcycle) 
• Butchery Business
• Event Planning
• Wines and Spirit Business
• Bakery
• Aquaculture Business
• Beaded Sandals and Handbags
• Professional Cleaning Business
Salon/Barber Shop

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