Interested In Researching For The Cure To Covid-19? Apply For The €200,000 HRB Grant

Interested In Researching For The Cure To Covid-19? Apply For The €200,000 HRB Grant
In response to the fast-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, HRB in cooperation with the IRC is launching a rapid response mechanism to fund research that will provide evidence for the national and global efforts to deal with the virus outbreak.
The research priorities of this call are aligned with the WHO R&D Blueprint and informed by the Global Infectious Disease Collaboration for International Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R). The scope of this funding call covers medical countermeasures, health service readiness, and social and policy countermeasures to COVID-19.

This is to help sponsor various research institutions and bodies to be able to tackle the fast-spreading pandemic.
Expedited timelines apply throughout the process. It is expected that contracting and start-up of successful projects is equally expedited, and that project staff will mostly be redeployed rather than specifically recruited. Host Institutions are required to treat awards arising from the call with utmost urgency.

Benefits of the funding:-

• Funding available is typically up to €200,000 per project including overheads contribution.
• Duration of funding 3-24 months
• In exceptional circumstances and where well-justified funding awards may be higher.

Application Processes:

• All applications must be made using the HRB Grant Electronic Management System (GEMS)
GEMS will close automatically at the deadline.
• The application must have been reviewed and approved by the signatory approver at the research office (or equivalent) in the host institution before it is submitted to the HRB.
• Applicants should ensure that they give the signatory approver sufficient time before the scheme closing date to review the application and approve it on GEMS.
• Please note that many host institutions specify internal deadlines for this procedure.
To apply, kindly visit the official website.

It is available to all countries!
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