COVID-19: 5 Businesses That Are Thriving Despite Economic Lockdown

COVID-19: 5 Businesses That Are Thriving Despite Economic Lockdown
The COVID-19 pandemic is really affecting so many businesses worldwide, as a number of companies are temporarily shutting down their offices.
Industries are being shut down, or operating at fraction of their full capacity due to the restrictions placed by the governments of various countries to curb the spread of the virus.
While discussing on the implication of the coronavirus on the economy, we stated how the virus has lead to a decline in the demand for oil, which is estimated to surpass the loss of nearly 1 million barrels per day during the 2007-08 recession.

So many industries worldwide are being affected, and it is estimated that the COVID-19 might be costing the global economy an estimated $2.7 trillion.

What type of business will survive COVID-19?

Looking at these figures, one would begin to wonder the fate of the global economy when the virus eventually slips by. But have you ever thought about the various businesses that are not being affected by the global pandemic?

In fact, the change of lifestyles and business patterns caused by the restrictions on movement has now made people all over to spend more time indoors, while engaging in activities that don't require leaving their homes.
The temporal situation has opened the doors for more online-oriented businesses and we believe it might lead to another revolution.
Some businesses that are not negatively affected by the COVID-19 include:

• E-learning

5 Businesses That Are Thriving Despite Economic Lockdown
Many parts of the world, especially the developing countries have over the years, been reluctant in adapting online education. In fact, the Nigeria's National University Commission (NUC) still maintain their stands that online degrees from foreign universities are “unacceptable” in the country.

With the present pandemic, a number of foreign universities are switching from the traditional classrooms to online learning. While this is temporal, we believe it'll also expose the world to the advantages of learning online.

So many individuals have taken this period as an opportunity for self-improvement, a period of learning new skills or expanding their knowledge by taking online courses.

• Healthcare

COVID-19: 5 Businesses That Are Thriving Despite Economic Lockdown
The world needs the healthcare system in a period like this. Medical tools like surgical masks, disinfectants and hand sanitizers are in high demands. Whether you're a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or even health blogger you're role is highly needed in a period like this.

• Gaming

COVID-19: 5 Businesses That Are Thriving Despite Economic Lockdown
What more do you expect in a period like this with the restrictions placed on movements in many parts of the world? Sporting events have been cancelled, tours have been postponed, cinemas have been shut down and even streaming services like Netflix are struggling to produce new contents to keep their users engaged.

Looking at the stats above, one might begin to wonder where the world's attention have been turned to. Well, American telecommunications company, Verizon recently revealed in a report that video gaming traffic on its internet network during peak hours has spiked by as much as 75% since the United States begun its shut down. Similar figures have also been reported by other sources across other gaming hubs around the world.
Meanwhile, also check out these top 6 ways to keep your gaming PC cool. We know a good number of gamers often face the problem of overheating when it comes to their gaming PC, we explained some possible reasons and of course, solutions to the overheating issues.

• Social Media

COVID-19: 5 Businesses That Are Thriving Despite Economic Lockdown
It appears the world has understood the importance of the social media, as new trends and challenges are being unveiled on a daily basis. The social media is now more useful in uniting friends and families more than before. From regular chats to video calls and even file exchanges, one won't have to be amazed on the percentage of traffic increase that is being recorded by the various social networking platforms.

• Telecommuting

Businesses, government bodies and even religious organisations are being forced to modify the way they operate in order to simultaneously keep their employees safe and ensure that their operations do not grind to a halt during the pandemic. This has lead to an increase in the number of people working remotely,
Video calling apps like Zoom have recorded increase in stocks. In fact, the net worth of Zoom's founder, Eric Yuan, has increased by more than $4 billion since the start of the coronavirus crisis.
What more?
These are not the only businesses that have recorded success in this period, but we can't really put in all. The secret of excelling in a time like this if offering an essential service. Most families have reduced purchases of luxury items and increased the buying of essential commodities like toilet tissues, disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

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