Easiest Guide On How To Start Making ₦150,000+ Monthly As A Writer In Nigeria

Make a living from writing
With the way Nigeria is going now, there is no doubt that things aren't getting any better.
There are no jobs, the Naira isn't getting any better value and our bosses aren't increasing our pays. 
The easiest way to survive this harsh economy is by getting yourself self-employed, whether offline or online.

However, it isn't so easy to get yourself employed offline, especially owing to the fact that we don't all have capitals to start our own establishments at our disposal. 

Many of us have business ideas, but don't have the capital needed to start and end up living from hand-to-mouth.

Well, you are not getting any younger. This year, you are a year older than you were last year and next year you will be two years older, why not start making money off your talents?

I have always said it, that whatever you can do in life should be paying you. If you can talk, you should be getting paid for that. If you can act, same! 
If you love games, movies and so on, you should also be making your own money from them, whether online or offline.
If it is not paying you, then I doubt if it is worth it!

Now we are talking about writing. You can agree with me that we all can write. Whether from fresh ideas or from already written articles, whether fictions or non-fictions, we can all pen down somethings and people will read them.

However that isn't the major issue, the issue is...

How Can We Make Money From Writing?

You might have to agree with me, getting paid to write isn't the easiest thing that can happen to you, it is probably not so easy.
Some months I make up to $500 from writing along, but they don't come so easy. Infact, finding someone to pay you for your articles is far more difficult than writing the articles itself.

This is because the competition is much. You are competing with native English speaking countries like the United States and Canada, as well as with other top internet using countries. The battle is fierce online to make a living, but not easier offline.

I started freelance writing years back, 2016 to be precise. I have lost good money online and also made good money same online.

How To Earn Yourself A Living From Writing Online

Writing is very easy, but making money from your write-ups isn't the easiest.
Some ways to make yourself a living from writing include:

- Get yourself a client/clients

When I use the word client, I mean someone who would pay you for something. It is very easy to write, sing, act and do any other things you can, but not so easy to make money from them.
Some of the clients I have written for pay up to $25 for a 1500 word article.
You can also write for different websites and make your own money, it's very easy, it's free to start!

- Start a blog

You can start making money from your own articles by owning a blog. I can help you create a blog in less than 24 hours at just ₦9,000. Of course this is the cheapest you can get anywhere else!
You can contact us now or WhatsApp, call or text +2349072979302 for more.

Your blog is like your own business and there are so many ways to make money from it, all depending on you. The more you write, the more you earn!

- You MUST own a PayPal account

Anything you do online, you MUST own a PayPal account. When I started my internet hustles newly, I was loosing good money online because I didn't have a working PayPal account.
Nigerians are not receive money via PayPal and it is really affecting us negatively. Almost all clients pay via the service, and even to receive earnings from your website, you need an account.

Infact, you can make good money online creating PayPal accounts for people. If you want to know more, kindly visit this page.

- You MUST be consistent and keep to time

Don't deliver your articles late and don't be one-day-off one-day-on! If you can't write, simply tell the client, NO and let them move on to the next customer, there's no harm in that.
It will help them come back to you next time rather than wasting their whole time and even making them loose money from their own end.

It will earn you bad reviews and you know what, you might loose a well-paying client.

Making money from writing is very interesting, but it isn't so easy. If you need other ways to start making money online aside writing, you can visit this page.
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