How To Make ₦30,000+ Monthly Creating PayPal Accounts For People

How To Make ₦30,000+ Monthly Creating PayPal Accounts For People
PayPal is the most used payment gateways in the world. With millions of businesses and individuals trusting their money with the payment gateway, you are pretty sure they are doing a good job.
However, there's is an issue with them, they do not accept all countries. So sad as it may be, even my country, Nigeria is on their ban list. Well, this isn't the only ban list we are in, as even Amazon and a few other foreign countries have all blacklisted us.

With PayPal Nigeria, you can only send funds, no receiving. This means that you cannot make money online and use PayPal as your means of cashing out, but you can use it to pay foreigners...SO BAD!

Well, where there is a will, there's a way they always say, the ban has turned this into a hot cake. If you can create a PayPal account for Nigerians and most others, then you don't have any issues again.
How To Make ₦30,000+ Monthly Creating PayPal Accounts For People

Almost every day I get emails from people requesting that I create PayPal accounts for them and I charge from ₦1,500 to ₦3,000 for an account. The major reason is because I have to verify them too, and that requires a separate credit card for each verification.

If you can create PayPal accounts for people and then verify them, you will not only be making good money for yourself online, but it requires no much stress.
Basically, I can create and verify PayPal accounts in less than 30 minutes. Anyone can do that and it is perfect side hustle which I would love to teach anybody who's interested.
Due to the number of demands we get from people requesting that we create accounts for them, we have decided to let the cat out of the bag by teaching everyone how to fish.

Yes, we will teach you how to create and verify a PayPal account in only 30 minutes for just ₦1,000.
The normal price is ₦5,000, I paid that to learn it and would take it back to the normal price in a few days time.

This ebook will be covering:
- How to create a PayPal account with screenshots
- How to create a virtual credit card which you can use to verify PayPal accounts without spending a dime

It's time to start making your own money online with this very interesting side hustle and yea... people think it's difficult, so they can pay as much as ₦5,000 for just an account.
Imagine this:
You learn with ₦1,000
You make ₦5,000 per account you create
You make ₦5,000 or more teaching people
This month alone I already created over 20 PayPal accounts for customers. The best part of it is that you 'will never have to pay someone to set up a PayPal account for you again in life'!

Whatever internet business you are into, you MUST need a PayPal account except you want to deal with only Nigerians.

Maybe one little side hustle can fetch you so much money. Getting clients isn't difficult, there are a lot of Facebook groups from which you can get yourself clients. You can also get more from Nairaland, NCT and other forums.

Let's keep it short, if you are interested in this eBook, kindly get it now on Paystack or contact me. I deliver immediately!
Hurry up before the price returns to the normal ₦5,000.
You are the one holding yourself from making money online!
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