Jeiel Damina Biography, Family, Age, Net Worth And All You Need To Know About Her

Jeiel Damina Biography
Jeiel Damina is a young Nigerian singer, writer and actress, popularly known for her role in the popular web series 'Best Friends In The World'.
Even though Jeiel has been in the entertainment industry for a while, she just started gaining media attention a few years ago after she started starring as Olive in the 'Best Friends In The World'.
We'd be seeing Jeiel Damina's biography, date of birth, age, early life, parents, boyfriend, movies, net worth, houses, cars, social media handles and everything else you'd love to know about her.
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Jeiel Damina Profile

Before we continue, here's a quick run down on Jeiel's profile and a few things you'd love to know about her:
Full name: Jeiel Damina
Other names: Princess Jeiel Jewel
Popularly known as: Olive
Date of birth: 4th September, 2002
Age: 18 years
Height: 165 cm
Nationality: Nigerian
Parents: Abel Damina, Rachel Damina
Siblings: Jemima, Jesimiel
Alma mater
Occupation: Actress, singer
Net worth

Jeiel Damina Biography, Date Of Birth, Family, Early Life And Education

Jeiel Damina was born on the 4th of September, 2002 in Kaduna, Nigeria to Dr. Abel Damina and Rachel Damina. Her father is the senior Pastor of Power City International Church, Nigeria, with headquarters at 98 Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
Not much is known about Jeiel Damina's educational history, but it is believed that she had her early education at Kaduna State.

Entertainment Career

Jeiel Damina is one of the Triple J Plus, a music group was formed by 3 biological sisters namely, Jesimiel, Jemima and Jeiel. Jeiel, who is the last of the three girls has been acting since she was 8, but came into limelight after she started starring as Olive in the 'Best Friends in The World' series.
Apart from acting, Jeiel is also a singer and has released a number of songs, some with Triple J Plus and others alone.

Jeiel Damina's Songs

Jeiel Damina has a number of songs to her credit. Some of them include:
• What Best Friends Do (ft. Lyta and Picazo Rhap)
• The Final Word
• Christmas Time

Triple J Plus' Songs

Like I ealier stated, Triple J Plus is a music group formed by the three sisters, Jesimiel, Jemima and Jeiel. Some of their songs include:
• This Is Forever
• Like Lightning
• XYZ (remix)
• Like a Girl
• Jesus & Nothing Else
• Angels (Theme)
• From Your Heart
• Complete Again
• Come Home
• The Only Way

Triple J Plus' Album

Triple J Plus has one studio album to their credit:
• Story

Personal Life

Jeiel Damina is one special actress that has kept her personal life out of the public. We don't really have much information about her relationship life and other things but fans suggest she might be dating Adams. 
What's your opinion on this? Will they both of them make a good couple?

About The Best Friends in The World Series:

'Best Friends in The World Series' is an original web series about friendship, growing up, family and love. It features what it feels like to be a student in a Nigerian secondary school student, the love, fights, crime, parties and many others.
The series was produced by Neptune 3 Studios, owned by the three sisters, Jesimiel, Jemima and Jeiel.

Casts in the Best Friends in The World Series series:

Some of the actors in the Best Friends In The World web series include:
• Jeiel Damina (Olive)
• Emmanuel Esiet (Adam)
• Inemesit Essien Alfred (Esther)
• Wisdom Esin (David)
• Ella Nwaneto (Grace)
• Miracle Charles Eboumbou (Mr Ben)
• Taiwo Arimoro
• Promise Nicolas(John)
• Gift Etim (Maria)
• Joseph Ekpo (Julius)
• Israel Henry (Romeo)
• Kalu Ikeagwu (Adam's father)
• Toyomfono Kpokang (Adam's mother)
• Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim (Lyta)
• Omogbolahan Sodiq Ilabode (Picazo Rhap)
• Jennie Obbie (Student)
• Vera Cruz (Student)
• Christian Peterside
• Jemima (film director)
• Jesimiel (screenplay writer)


Neptune3studios was nominated in the Web series of the year for their web series, 'Best Friends In The World' in the 2020 Gage Awards.

Jeiel Damina Net Worth

Apart from playing the role of Olive in 'Best Friends In The World', Jeiel Damina has also acted in some other movies including 'More World'. She is also a singer, dancer, model and writer.
Jeiel is however still new to the entertainment world and we don't have enough i nformation to estimate her net worth. We promise to update this article as soon as we get a reliable information from a credible source.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Jeiel Damina on:
Twitter @JeielFamina
Instagram @JeielDamina

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