Lyta Biography, Age, Family, Songs, Net Worth, And Everything You Need To Know About Him

Lyta Biography
On the 15th of February, 2018, Olamide signed two new artists into his record label, YBNL. The Yahoo Boy No Laptop, better known as YBNL has been known by everyone far and near to be very helpful in the uplisfting of people, especially in the music industry.

Thanks to the magnamity of the YBNL boss, Olamide who lives true to his words, "We Rise By Rising Others...!" The two latest artists, or rather latest as at the time of publishing this article,to benefit from the YBNL record label deals are singers Limerick and Lyta. 
Today, we will be discussing Lyta, the younger of the duo. Lyta YBNL, as he is popularly known as is a young star. How old is Lyta? What is Lyta's net worth? Where was Lyta born? We will see all these below.

Lyta Biography, Education And Early Life

Born as Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim, YBNL Lyta was born in Kwara State, the Northern part of Nigeria on the 4th of July, 2001. He is a Nigerian singer and song writer, and goes with the stage name, LYTA (pronounces L-Y-T-A). He was born and brought up in the Ajegunle part of Lagos State, Nigeria and has been doing music even right from the age thirteen.
Not much has been known about Lyta's early life and education, as he is still new to the fame box. With time, we will update this article to include other aspects of his life. He must have had his early education in the Lagos State, since that was where he grew up.
Lyta's parents are Northerners. Lyta's dad and mom also reside in Ajegunle, Lagos with his siblings.

Lyta Music Career

A genius singer and song writer, Lyta was first discovered by Olamide, the YBNL boss in a public event where he got thrilled by his rapping skills. He had called him up on stage that day for some freestyles and he was even thrilled the more. Badoo, who is bent on rising by rising others got him signed into his record label on the 15th of February, 2018.
He came to the entertainment limelight after featuring Olamide in a song, 'Time' which was was another awesome piece of work.

On 24th of May 2019, the news of Lyta's departure from YBNL broke out. According to Olamide the YBNL boss, Lyta wasn't comfortable with the label's calendar and music release pattern.
In 2018, YBNL focused more on Lyta's music and decided to promote Fireboy's music in 2019. This didn't go well with Lyta and he told Olamide that another label was interested in signing him, which according to Olamide, was a lie.
Olamide however gave his blessings to Lyta and wished him well in the new label. Let's keep tuned as more news on the new label and Lyta's new hits unfold!

Lyta Age

Lyta is another young star you can look unto. He was born on the 4th of July, 2001, so how old would he be now? Let's calculate...

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Lyta Net Worth

He is still new in the industry, so it is a worky to calculate his net worth. Nevertheless, we will update it here soon.
Lyta's new car

Lyta Songs

Lyta has a good number of songs to his credit. His songs, together with their years of production include but not limited to:
- If It's Only Me (2005)
- J'avance (2010)
- Tomber Love (2012)
- Honey (2015)
- Are You Ready (2016)
- Time (2018)
- Cherry Eyes (2018)
- No More Ghost (2018)
- Unread (2018)
- Poison (2018)

Lyta Social Media Handles

Lyta uses the social media, you can get him on:
Instagram @official.lyta

Thanks for reading along, I'm sure you know your favorite Lyta better now. Don't forget to share and email any corrections to [email protected].

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