How To Start A Successful Mama Put Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Successful Mama Put Business In Nigeria
In this article, we'll be you a step by step guide on how to start a lucrative mama put business in Nigeria. If you're a Nigerian or you've lived in Nigeria, you should already be conversant with the term mama put. Mama put is a kind of local restaurant often found on the street corners. Eating in a mama put is often cheaper than the regular restaurants and fast foods.

In Nigeria, women are mostly the people that vendor the foods, and their customers will always say, mama put for me. Hence, the term 'Mama Put' was coined out of it.

It's similar to the word 'Ina Aga', meaning are you going? It is a term used by Igbos when they want to flag down an Okada (bike) rider, that too was also adopted as the general name for Nigerian okada riders.

Differences Between A Mama Put And A Buka Joint

They are two similar terms, and you'd often hear people referring to one a second name for the other. Like, you'll hear someone say, meet me in the mama put or buka joint near Back Gate.
Are the both of them really the same? Let's find out...
A mama put doesn't always have a permanent shop, she cooks her food in her house and carries it in a truck or wheelbarrow to a busy place where she can meet customers like motor parks or market places.
In the other hand, a buka joint is like a small restaurant, you can see them with big umbrellas or batcher houses in busy areas.

How Profitable Is Mama Put Business In Nigeria?

If you're looking for a profitable business to venture into with a little capital, then mama put business will make a good choice. Getting customers won't be an issue because of the low cost of selling the foods when compared to the local restaurants.
Your customers can range from students, to the labourers and even salary earners. Many Nigerians believe that the mama put foods taste better than the ones cooked in some fast foods, and won't mind patronising you irrespective of their status.
Another reason the mama put business is very popular is because everyone seems to be busy and too occupied to make a dish. Cooking for most people is a hurdle, especially to students and workers who live alone and don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen.

How To Start A Successful Mama Put Business In Nigeria

There are some things you need to know before starting a mama put business, from the capital to the space and others. While you might not be requiring much, you should still take good precautions for maximum revenue.
Below are the things you'll need to know and put in place before launching a mama put joint in Nigeria:

• Capital

You won't be needing much capital, just enough to buy your truck (or wheelbarrow), your dishes, pots and the raw food stuff. You can get wheelbarrow at less than ₦10,000, so a capital of ₦40,000 can get your business running.

• Target market

 Your target market shouldn't be a problem. Students, labourers, taxi drivers, and even government workers can make good customers. One thing you should know is that people generally appreciate delicious food, so try your best to give them something yummy, they'll always want to patronise you.

Minimum equipment needed to run a mama put joint

• Truck or wheel barrow
• Ceramics and stainless plates
• Spoons
• Wash hand basins
• Napkins, etc.


I'll be giving some suggestions, but your choice of menu should be influenced by your location and target market. For example, students will rarely eat swallow in the public, but foods like rice and fried plantain will make them want to lick their plates.
Your menu can include:
• Jollof /Fried Rice
• Rice and Beans
• Egusi Soup
• Oha Soup
• Ogbono Soup
• Vegetable Soup
• Pepper Soup
• Fried Plantain

Tips On Running A Successful Mama Put Business

Having seen the requirements for setting your business running, we'll be sharing some tips that will make you get recurring customers, and off course, bigger money from your business.
Taste: No matter how appetising your food looks, the number one tip for getting and keeping your customers lies in the taste of the food. If you cook the food anyhow, you'll obviously do the eating yourself.
Hygiene: Never compromise hygiene and quality, especially when you'd be selling to an enlightened audience. Apart from the fact that it helps attract more customers, maintaining hygiene will also help keep your customers healthy.
Attitude: Just like every business, being jovial will help you grow in mama put business in Nigeria. Always remember that you're there because of your customers. The better you treat them, the more reasons they'll have to return back to patronise you.
Spy on your competitors: Try to know what's special about your competitors' foods and how you can improve yours. It's a marketing strategy that even the world's because companies never fail to implement.

Thanks for reading along, don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends. Before you go, also check out the step by step guide on how to start a profitable foodstuff business in Nigeria.
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