Will Mobile Casinos Make Desktop Versions Obsolete?

Will Mobile Casinos Make Desktop Versions Obsolete?
Technology is moving at such as fast pace that it is sometimes difficult to keep up.
And predicting where it will lead us next is not always easy. But one thing is clear, more of the everyday activities which we do online are being done on mobile devices. So what does that mean for online casinos?

A mobile lifestyle

When we wake up each day, the first thing many of us do is reach for our phone. We might check what time it is, look at the weather forecast and glance at the news headlines. Then we might check our emails or social media notifications before finally starting our day. 
When it comes to leisure time, we play games, watch TV shows and YouTube videos, and listen to music on our tablets or smartphones. And if we want to place a sports bet or wager on a casino game, most of us now do it on mobile devices.

Mobile gambling set to dominate

According to a UK Gambling Commission report published in 2019, mobile phones were the most popular device for gambling (50%) ahead of laptops (38%). But the mobile usage figure rises to 76% in the 18-24 age group. This number drops to 14% in the over-65 category. Those trends - demographically, at least - are likely to be similar in other regions around the world including Africa.
In the immediate future, there may still be a place for desktop and laptop casinos just as there is a place for physical casinos. Some may not be so willing to give up their old technology and prefer to sit in front of a bigger screen. But future generations may shun desktops altogether leaving a niche market for desktop gambling.

Same functionality

As technology has changed, so have the gambling platforms. Mobile casino apps now offer the same functionality as their web-based counterparts and live in-play betting means more people now prefer to gamble on the move. Mobile access has also made it easier for punters to try casino games online. This may have prompted many people who had not previously gambled to try their hand at online casinos or sports betting.

Where will desktops fit in?

Most people choose their device based on efficiency, speed and user-friendliness. If a mobile device can handle all your needs, there is no need to turn to a desktop. Even in offices, we may be heading to a situation where our workstations of the future become TV monitors (or virtual reality glasses) that pair with our mobile devices so that we can just get up and go, taking our work with us. Any storage requirements can be taken care of by a cloud system.
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Web-based casinos did not spell the end for physical casinos but they did become the more popular way of gambling. However, physical casinos still offer a very different experience which has allowed both to continue to exist. Desktop and mobile gambling are much more similar and it is more likely there might come a day when mobile gambling finally makes desktop casinos obsolete.
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