The Perfect Panettone: Useful Tips To Buy Italian Cake Panettone

The Perfect Panettone: Useful Tips To Buy Italian Cake Panettone
Ask an Italian about panettone, and you will come to know that no holiday feast is complete without this sweet and fluffy cake.
Originated in Milan, the celebration bread is the king of all bakes, and it makes a delicious masterpiece in the middle of a dining table. With dozens of delectable flavors to choose from, it is difficult to pick just one Italian cake panettone for your occasion. In this guide, you will learn to find and get the perfect panettone.

Although there are countless recipes over the Internet to bake the sweet bread at home, the traditional recipe dates back to the 15th century. 
As per food historians, the cake was first made by a chef for the Duke of Milano. It was loaded with fruit and raisins. Modern panettone recipes have several ingredients different from the original recipe. 

How To Buy The Perfect Panettone

Luckily, some chefs and food brands in Italy are dedicated to keeping the traditional recipes alive for foodies. They follow classic ingredients and methods to bake panettone. Whether you are in an Italian bakery in the neighborhood or on a store over the Internet for the perfect panettone to buy online, below are some tips that can help you. 

● Panettone Brand

Seeing the emerging demands, many food brands in Italy and other parts of the world are making panettone. However, not all of them can be trusted for their recipes. 
Although an Italian company is the best place to get the cake, it is essential to ensure that the brand is a reputed name in the nation’s food industry. Some brands you can try in the case of Italian panettone are Ca Foresto, Il Vecchio Forno, and GranDucale.
If you want a small classic cake to enjoy any day, then Bauli is a trusted name in the industry. 

● Ingredients

Flour, raisins, and candied fruits are the main ingredients of a classic panettone cake from Italy. Apart from that, fresh eggs and butter are also some elements included in several Italian recipes. 
Ensure that a product you are buying includes ingredients mentioned in the traditional recipes around the cake. All the makings should be fresh and of high-quality. 

In case you want a product with more softness than usual, then choose a sweet loaf bread that comes with fresh cream and vanilla from Madagascar as an ingredient. They make the cake soft and delicious.

● Visual Evaluation  

When it comes to panettone, appearance counts! It needs to be a striking and enticing product that you cannot wait to tuck in. In the case of the exterior, it is essential for the crust to be cohesive. 
For the interior, the first thing to notice is the honeycomb, which needs to be perfect. It should be uniformed. Also, there must not be large air pockets; this ensures the cake remains fresh for a long time.

● Recipe

Similar to noticing quality ingredients, it is important to pay attention to a recipe and a procedure linked to the cake. The best Italian cake panettone is a cake made using traditional recipes, developed decades ago. 
Here, you have to ensure that the product you are purchasing is made with a years-old recipe.

● Packaging

When you are buying traditional Italian cake online, you need to pay close attention to the product’s packaging. It is essential to pack and supply the cake in a nice package that keeps the product fresh for a long time. 
If you are planning to add panettone to a gift basket, then get a product that comes in a tin. There are several well-known brands like Il Vecchio Forno that offer oven-baked cake products in an attractive fantasy. After receiving the cake, it can be directly added to a gift basket. 

Where to Buy Panettone Cake Online

If you are thinking of buying a panettone cake online, then get it from a store that gets its products from reputed online suppliers from Italy and supplies them fresh to customers’ doorstep. 
Before ordering a product, explore about it and understand its ingredients over the platform. Try to find out the product’s origin and ingredients used to prepare it. The seller must have provided information about the product. 

When you are sure that the perfect cake has been found on an online store, order to receive it at your doorstep. A fresh, delicious Italian cake panettone will let you experience the traditional taste of classic cake, which is baked using the finest ingredients and a traditional recipe.
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