Tim Godfrey Biography, Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Net Worth And More

Tim Godfrey Biography
Tim Godfrey is an Nigerian gospel singer, producer, songwriter, music teacher, vocal instructor, art training consultant and writer.
Tim Godfrey started music in 2004 and has since them, grown into one of the biggest gospel music stars in Africa. He is also music director and founder of a gospel group called the Tim Godfrey and the Xtreme Crew.
We'd be seeing Tim Godfrey's biography, date of birth, age, early life, family, parents, siblings, spouse, children, education, entertainment career, net worth, houses, cars, social media handles and everything else you'd love to know about him.
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Tim Godfrey Profile

Before we continue, here's a quick run down on Tim Godfrey's profile and a few things you'd love to know about him:
Full name: Timothy Chukwudi Godfrey
Other name(s): Fearless, Tim Godfrey
Date of birth: 26th August, 1979
Age: 41 years
Education: Trinity International University of Ambassadors, Georgia, USA
Children: Bryan
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Singer, music director
Net worth: $350,000

Tim Godfrey Biography, Date Of Birth, Early Life, Family And Education

Tim Godfrey was born on the 26th of August 1979 in Kaduna State as the second son in a family of six children. Though originally from Abia State, he grew up in Kaduna State with his father, Mr Victor Godfrey, mother and siblings. 
Timothy had his early education in Kaduna before proceeding to the Trinity International University of Ambassadors, Georgia, USA where he received a doctorate in Fine Art and Musicology in 2018.

Entertainment Career

Tim Godfrey first step into stardom was in 1994 when he became a choir director in his church. While working as a choir director, he trained choristers of different churches. He however commenced his music career professionally on the 14th of February, 2004.

Tim Godfrey is the convener of one of the best modern gospel groups in Nigeria called called the Tim Godfrey and the Xtreme Crew. The group has received numerous awards, including the Awards for Musical Excellence in Nigeria at the 2005 AMEN AWARDS.

Tim Godfrey and the Xtreme Crew group is focused on evangelism, and they also offer professional concerts and shows throughout the country. Thus far, he has performed at concerts and churches across the world. He also collaborated with several international gospel artistes.

Personal Life

Tim Godfrey is a single dad of a handsome boy called Bryan. In a chat with SUN, he revealed that he wasn't in a relationship but hoped that he'd be getting married soon. 


Tim Godfrey has released a number since he the beginning of his music career. Some of them include:
• Akaah
• Nara
• Onaga (It's Working)
• Walking Miracle
• So Good
• Victory
• Trumpet
• So Good 
• Amen
• Hero
• Hallelujah
• Jigidem
• War Cry
• Jo Ti E
• Nobody
• Igbo Medley
• Na You Be God
• Worship Medley
• Bless The Lord
• Kosi
• Bigger
• Nara Testimony
• Done Me Well
• Carry Me
• Ahaa
• Okaka
• Folo Folo
• Miracle
• Aribiti
• Mmamma Ya
• Naija War Medley
• Lai Lai (Nigeria)
• Bulie Ya
• Mighty God
• Jehovah
• Toya
• Akpoaza
• On My Way
• On My Way
• Omema
• Supernatural
• Time For Miracle
• Onyedikagi
• Tell Me
• Iyo
• Imela
• Agidigba
• Adukaka
• Ekelebe
• Confidence
• Omewoya
• Thank God
• Hero Reloaded 

Tim Godfrey Net Worth

Tim Godfrey is one of the richest Gospel singers in Nigeria. In 2018, he surprised his 5 longest crew members with amazing car gifts of 2 Venzas and 3 Toyota Camrys. He has also performed in a over 1,000 concerts around the world with international artists, including the Grammy-winning Gospel Musician Kirk Franklin.
According to BusyTape.com, Tim Godfrey has an estimated net worth of $350,000.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Tim Godfrey on:
Instagram @TimGodfreyWorld
Twitter @TimGodfreyWorld

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