5 Very Important Lessons I Learnt From This Lockdown

5 Very Important Lessons I Learnt From This Lockdown
So today I was taking a walk with my twin after days of not leaving our gates and I felt like I was just released from the jail. Don't mind me, I've not really been to a jail before, but you should know that feeling of having to see what your street looks like after many days of staying behind the bars doors.
While discussing with Clifford, I found out that this short compulsory break really impacted us a lot. For example, we hosted our first WhatsApp classes with over 180 participants and received so many positive reviews after the classes. We'd be announcing the date for our next section on Instagram, kindly follow us if you'd like to be part of it.

• We should all save some money for hard times

5 Very Important Lessons I Learnt From This Lockdown
In this article on some benefits of saving money you may never have known, Clifford stated that we should all save for emergency situations. I actually thought emergency situations only meant occurrences like warranted unexpected spending like sudden illness or breakdown of our cars.
But 2020 has opened my eyes on how unprepared the world is in terms of emergency like the present coronavirus pandemic.
Although there are still businesses thriving very well in this period, you'd observe that as good number of companies have reduced the number of employees to curtail spending.

• The cost of living is not really expensive

5 Very Important Lessons I Learnt From This Lockdown
This lockdown has really enlightened us on the differences between our needs and our wants. The last time I went to Owerri shopping mall, I was so shocked on the sight there. So many shops were closed, especially the ones that sell watches, phones and other non-essential products.
Shoprite and the other fast foods where still open, but no customers were coming. While customers were entering, the number of people I saw wasn't anything compared to the rate prior to the lockdown.

In addition to this, I also understood that people could really do without clubbing and attending parties. Celebrities are no more posing on their luxurious cars and rented private jets, and online parties have also been proved to be fun too.

• We all need someone

5 Very Important Lessons I Learnt From This Lockdown
This reminds me of the line '...we all need shelter to keep us from the cold' in The Strumbellas' song, 'We all need someone'. After this lockdown, I'll value people more that before. I miss all my friends in the city, all the hangouts and fiestas, religious gatherings and more.
I've understood better on the worth of some people that appeared insignificant in my life. That reminds me, once I drop this pen, I'd be sending bulk SMS to all my contacts. That'll be a great way  to start the new week.

• The internet is a blessing

5 Very Important Lessons I Learnt From This Lockdown
The real worth of the internet has been made known to all and sundry. Meetings, weddings and more  are being conducted online. Online businesses have increased and many parents have also adopted educative, online activities that will keep their children busy during this period.
With this I won't believe less that the internet is more than a blessing to us. Surviving could have been harder if we still depended on crude methods of passing information like the letters.

• Healthcare professionals deserve the most respect

5 Very Important Lessons I Learnt From This Lockdown
I might be calling them the superheroes of the present world. In the daily struggle to find the permanent solution to the COVID-19, a number of health workers all over the world have lost sacrificed their lives.
At the end of the pandemic, will we resume giving all the accolades to the singers and actors alone? One thing I'm sure of is that the health workers deserve the respect, not the politicians, footballers, actors or singers.

What did I not put? Kindly drop them as a comment below, we all need to learn. Before you leave, also check out our previous article on how tech can help us move past the coronavirus lockdown.
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