African Day Across Entertainment Platforms

African Day Across Entertainment Platforms
African Day pays tribute to the diverse and incredibly interesting African Culture, which doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.
It has become a regular thing for different entertainment platforms and services to dedicate the 25th of May to the African history and culture and use this time to promote their culture, increase awareness and hopefully regain more attention to Africa in general.
There are a lot of websites that rely heavily on the African culture, use it for their services, their graphic design, and offer deals based on African Culture. And there are streaming platforms who use their power to educate their users about this culture. One of the biggest companies to do this is Netflix, which is currently having its African Day.
This means that you will have an exclusive access to all movies and TV shows that center around or just touch on African Culture.

Netflix has put together a collection of movies, titled Made in Africa where users can scroll through all the movies that were made in Africa and stream them on their laptops, phones, or tablets. There might be some variations as to what movies are available in which countries, but everyone should get a nice selection of African-made movies to expand their horizons and get into the spirit of African culture, something that most of us don’t really get to do all that much.

Netflix isn’t the only company to do this. There are multiple youtube channels who dedicate an entire month to African culture and learning more about it. Casinos also love the idea of playing up a different culture and Africa always seems to attract the most viewers and players. You will come across a lot of online slots that not only use African culture and history to play up their web design and graphics, bring some cool patterns and prints, but that are also more than plenty in African culture, and bring something different to a table for a change.

But Netflix is probably one of the biggest providers to ever do it and this means a big deal for the entire African community and everyone who is interested in Africa’s history and customs.
We have access to all the films that will be streaming of Africa Day on Netflix so you can do a bit of research beforehand and start searching for your favorites and the ones you would be the most excited about. We already know that the popularity of Blood Diamond, Beast of No Nation, Red Sea Diving Resort, and The Ivory Game is rising.

The company seems quite excited to bring about this day of celebration because if you know anything about Netflix, it's that they don’t do this very often, they don’t dedicate watchlists to a specific culture or event, so this is really a big deal. It could be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge regarding this culture and enjoy something a bit different from what we usually see on streaming platforms.

The films by African Directors as well as just African stories will be available for streaming. You will see movies like Merry Men, Catching Feelings, and Chief Daddy.
This is a great initiative and the one that needs to be taken up by many other large companies as well. This could be a great opportunity to help out African Filmmakers but these types of promotions don’t need to always be connected to films. As mentioned above different entertainment venues, gambling websites, music streaming services could also pull off similar initiatives and gain new audiences and enrich their outlook on the world.

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