MGID Native Ads Review: With A Screenshot Of My First $138 Payment

MGID Native Ads Review
MGID as most of us already know, is one of the most popular native advertising networks you can find on blogs and media websites.
Some other top native advertising networks and MGID alternatives include Taboola and Outbrain, and they are mostly used by bloggers under their related posts to display ads from other websites and make money from it.
Now, to clarify those who might not yet be familiar with what MGID ads look like, or still wondering what I mean by native ads, I will be dropping a screenshot below;
MGID Native Ads Review

This is from my website and you can see the way I marked the MGID in red.
It is directly above my related posts, and visitors might not be able to clearly tell that they are not a part of my contents.
MGID Native Ads Review

Of course, they are always interesting, and you can hardly resist the temptations to click on them.
Before we proceed, we will be seeing some of the advantages and disadvantages of working with MGID.

Advantages Of Working With MGID

Some of the things you will benefit from working with MGID include:
• Increased revenue generated from your site
• Their ads are beautiful, and you have the power of choosing whether you want a particular type of adverts displayed on your site or another
• They are flexible in their payments, and contacting support is so easy, at least as to when compared with AdSense and other advertising big heads.

Disadvantages Of Using MGID On Your Website

Whatever has advantages they say, has disadvantages also.
Some of the things you might not like about working with MGID include:
• It might increase your website's bounce rate, since the visitors just come around, read your article, probably click on the ads and leave
• They need a minimum of 300,000 monthly page views to get your website approved, and that might be a lot of headache for the newer bloggers
• They pay lower than AdSense

Can You Use MGID with AdSense?

Yes, I have seen people comfortably monetizing their blogs and media websites with the MGID native ads.
All you need to do is avoid jampacking ads, or AdSense would get another reason to suspend or even permanently ban your account.

What Is MGID Cost Per Impression Like?

I can't tell for exact, but I monitored my account for a while and their pay per impression is something around $10 for 50,000.
MGID Native Ads Review

From the screenshot above, I made $2.30 with 15,456 page views. The page rate per impression that day was $0.51, and I could have made $5.1 if I got 10,000 page views with ads.

You can also make money from push subscribers, but that is available to only publishers who get more than 15,000 daily page views.
You can see from the screenshot above, I have my own push subscribers option activated and already gotten around 507 subscribers.

MGID Payment Proof

Of course, we already know that this article wasn't sponsored or in any way influenced by MGID, and I am writing out of a genuine experience with them.
Below is a screenshot of my first payment from the company, and I had issues withdrawing directly to my account, contacted support and they sent it directly to my PayPal account
MGID Native Ads Review
My earnings improved with time, and I know that I will be hitting the minimum payment threshold faster in subsequent times.

What Is The MGID Minimum Payout?

The MGID minimum payout depends on the method of withdrawal you are going for, and it is $1,000 for wire transfer and $100 for other methods, ie PayPal, Tipalti payment method (directly to your local bank account).
There might be charges depending on the method you chose, and you will get the remainder after the fees.
Kindly refer to their payment proof for more.

How Can You Sign Up For MGID

To sign up, visit https://www.mgid.com/publishers. It is free and approval might take up to 48 hours.
You can also decide to reduce the stress on yourself by signing in via your Facebook or Gmail account.

What's more?
I think MGID is one of the best native ad networks out there for average publishers. Other ones like Taboola won't approve you until you get at least a million monthly visitors, and so only the top brands work with them.
Thanks a lot for reading along. What do you think?
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