Immiguy Income Program Review: How I Made ₦37,000 In Four Days (Plus Free Gift)

Immiguy Income Program Review
In the past few months, there have been a kind of buzz around income programs, and I didn't really seem to put interest in them.
A friend who has been into the Immiguy Income Program came around my house, and couldn't let me hear word... Lol!
At a point, he was like, 'okay, take this ₦1,000, sign up and when you make your money back, you return it to me.'

Truth was, I wasn't refusing because it was expensive, I just wasn't really the income programs guy.
At that point I had no option, I didn't accept his money and registered with his referral that night.
That was in April, and I talked about the program on my Facebook account, and my WhatsApp too.
A day after joining, I checked my referral earnings and I had made ₦8,400.

That was crazy, especially for someone who was having doubts. Most of my friends who joined didn't focus on the referrals, as the activity earnings were also very awesome and you can make more than ₦20,000 monthly, without stress.

Note: Kindly read to the end of the article, I have a big gift for you!

Is Immiguy Income Program Legit Or Scam?

So for people asking for whether the Immiguy Income Program is a legit program, or another scam that would be closing soon, it is legit.
I got paid my ₦37,000 a few days after joining, and you can see the alert;
Immiguy Income Program Review

That was my April earnings, and it was paid on Saturday, the 2nd of May.
I requested for my earnings on Friday.
If you belong to the Facebook group, you will also see tons of other reviews by people who have been cashing out from the program, so it's completely legit.

How Can You Make Money From The Immiguy Income Program?

There are about 8 ways to make money from the Immiguy Income Program;
Sign up bonus: Once you sign up, you receive an ₦2,000 sign up bonus
Reading news: For any news you open, you get credited ₦10
Commenting on articles: Each comment you drop on an article will earn you ₦10
Sharing of news: For each news you share, you make ₦2
Daily login: Any day you log into your account, you make ₦50
Sharing of sponsored posts: There are sponsored posts to share everyday, and each one would make you ₦100
Sharing Of The Daily Campaign Advert: You get ₦50 for doing this also.
Referral Bonus: For anybody you refer, you make ₦1,200

Can You Cash Out Without Referrals?

Yes, absolutely! The minimum payout is ₦5,000 and if you're very active, you can make 3 times that before the end of the month.
All you need to do is sign up, tell your friends about it, claim your daily earnings and cash out at the end.
Note: You can request for withdrawals any day!

How Much Can You Make In A Day?

If you have up to 2,000 Facebook friends, post about it on your Facebook wall and you can refer more than 10 of them to sign up.
If you can get 10 people, you make ₦12,000 and you can request withdrawal immediately!
It's as easy as ABCD!

How Can You Sign Up?

To sign up, you have to pay a one time fee of ₦2,000.
It is to help you set up your account, and you will never be asked to make any further payments.

The payment is secured by Paystack, and you can begin to earn in the next five minutes.

My Big Gift!

As promised, I will be giving out a copy of my freelance writing course, Freelancing Made Easy (Guide To Making Your First $5,000 From Freelance Writing) to the first fifty people to sign up with my referral link.
In the ebook, I shared the big secret that helped me turn in over $1,400 from freelance writing in a single month, plus a website that pays writers $100 for each article you publish for them.
How much is $100 in Naira? You can get a hint of how much you can make if you publish three articles for 'the website' on a month.
I also shared over 30 Facebook groups that you can join to get yourself writing jobs, and over 200 websites that pay writers and will be giving it all free!

The course is normally sold for $30, but don't worry, you won't pay a dime.
So what's more?
Immediately you sign up, message me on WhatsApp with 09072979302, telling me your username and that you have signed up.
I will reply you with a copy of the killer guide, and let's make money together!
Thanks a lot for reading along.
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