How I Made ₦10,420 In A Night From The Inforib Revenue Program (+ Free Gift)

Inforib Revenue Program
I published a review of the Inforib Revenue program yesterday, and how you can make more than ₦15,000 writing in a week.
I got a lot of questions, and I will be attending to them one after the other.
Now before I begin, what is the Inforib revenue program all about?
The Inforib revenue program is a new way of making money online as a Nigerian, and it was launched towards the ending of April, 2020.

It is an online forum, more like NNU, but completely free to sign up and earn from asking and answering questions, writing articles and referring new members.

Is The Inforib Revenue Program Scam Or Genuine?

I know it is a new program, but judging from the fact that it is free to join, and I know the owner, I can tell you that it is genuine and can be trusted.
The brain behind the program, Mr. Ifiokobong Ibanga has been into different internet businesses for over 10 years now and has paid the first set of people who joined the program as at the time of writing this article )it's barely four days old).


I've just received my first payment, and this is the proof.
Inforib Revenue Program

You can see the name of the sender underlined in red.

How Lucrative Is The Inforib Revenue Program?

From what I'm seeing, it has a lot of potentials, and looks like a startup that will last for a long time. It is the first of its kind and yes, you are gifted a free ₦1,000 once you sign up via this link.
I joined last night and currently, I've made more than ₦11,000 and all I did was talk about it and ask questions.
Inforib Revenue Program

There are people who have made more, and you can view your earnings getting updated in real time, that is as soon as the money is made.

How Much Is The Minimum Payout?

The minimum payout for the Inforib income program is just ₦5,000 and you get paid ion the 28th of every month. 

There are 6 different ways of making money from the Inforib income program, and they include:

• Referral bonus: For any of your friends who signs up through your referral link, you make ₦200 and they make ₦1,000.
Sign up bonus: You get a free ₦1,000 once you sign up by clicking HERE.
• Report an eyewitness news: Every published eyewitness news will make you ₦200.
Publish an article: For every article you successfully publish on the website, you earn ₦500.
Asking of questions: Any question you ask in the forum, you get a ₦5 earnings.
Answering of questions: For any answer to a question you drop, you earn ₦20.

How Can You Sign Up For The Inforib Revenue Program?

As I have said, the sign up is free and you can begin to earn immediately.

If you have issues with signing up, or complaints concerning the platform, kindly drop them as comments and don't forget to share to your friends.
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