4 Highly Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses To Compete With Big Brands

4 Highly Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses To Compete With Big Brands
The markets of the digital millennium are too full of options.
From the number of coffee shops on the street to the number of million-dollar companies, everything is getting bigger and better. 
However, you can survive in this competition if you are a reputed company that has been in the game for a long time. Being a big brand in this market is equal to being touched by Midas – you can make money from everything. 
For them,many benefits are derived from their size. Whether it is becoming the best choice for the masses or being the first result on the search engines, they seem to be winning at all fronts.
Due to this, many small companies are under the impression that they cannot compete no matter what they do. (Nah! That’s a wrong attitude). There’s a lot you can do.
First thing first, you should start with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The common belief is that Google favors bigger brands over the smaller ones because of their enormous marketing budgets spent on SEO and content marketing. 
But if you know the right tricks, then you don’t have the chance of falling prey to larger companies.

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Why choose SEO for SMEs?

Search engine optimization is a highly sought-after way offending success in digital marketing. If a business plans to increase its customer base and find better returns on investment, then they often seek the assistance of Google to find answers.
Let’s start with a statistic: 93% of online experiences begin with a search. When you look for an answer on Google, you click on one of the top three results. So, it clearly shows that being in the top results can bring a lot of business to your company.
So, we have decided to help SMEs on how they can benefit from SEO to compete with the giants in their niche.Here are the four top tips for SMEs to utilize search engine optimization to their advantage and compete with big brands with a highly efficient strategy.

Be aware of your SEO position

If you are a small business with an old website that has been there for a long time, then you are about to win brownie points by Google. The Apollo of search engines rewards the older sites because they translate to stability, competence, and reliability – the highjumps needed to climb up the SERPs.
According to a report by Ardor SEO, over 5.5 billion searches are performed on Google every day. Therefore, you must review your position through Google Analytics to see where your organic traffic comes from, which of your pages are popular amongst your clients, and understand the ages where most exits are made.
When you study the numbers, you reach an understanding about where most efforts are needed and which of your pages need frequent updates as a result of their visibility.

Create content that converts

What motor cars were in the 1920s, content is the same in the 2020s. Meaning, you can experience a period of boom similar to the success of Ford and other automobile companies in the last century. 
When a small business directs its attention towards content, then they can strategize for better results at a faster rate. There is a basic equation in generating effective content. All you need is to know what people want to read. Yes, essentially, that is the only thing you need to know.
When a market giant like Amazon optimizes their content, they focus on the high-volume phrases. In contrast, a small business has the opportunity to become a favorite amongst niche products and leverage its uniqueness to win a larger market share. 
While you’re at it, make sure you create more visual content because, according to a report by Impact, more than 62% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers prefer visual results.

Up Your Social Media Game

If you are a small business who is eyeing to gain visibility online and increase organic traffic, you must work on two things: social media and SEO. They are the two roads that converge to help a business succeed, regardless of their size. 
Social media marketing increases inbound traffic for your website to go up a few notches on a search engine result page. It is crucial for your survival in the long term.
When you have a strong base offollowers and have high rates of engagement, then you have the authority to influence your target audience.
To create a better understanding, let’s have a look at Macy’s and an Etsy shop. You can get a few mass-produced goods and make a gift package on mother’s day by spending $100 at Macy’s. Search for a long-tail keyword like “best mother’s day gifts on sale,” and you are good to go.
But on the other hand, a presumably small Etsy shop, that has a small but very engaged audience, can easily sell more of their $400 bracelets by advertising their uniqueness. 
An effective social media strategy is the missing piece of your puzzle of improved SEO rankings.

Stand apart by being prepared for battle

A small business needs differentiation more than anything else to grow bigger. Whether it is the product, the content, or the visual projection, all of the elements of the digital mix need to be cooked in balance to create the perfect stew for success.
Because big brands have their reputation to earn huge revenues, small businesses need to strive hard to generate better USPs. You need to think closely about why a consumer would choose to buy from you and not from a big brand.
There are many options for an SME here. They can pose as an ethical business and win over the heart of the environmentally-conscious consumers.They can choose to be advertised by a social media influencer to become a ‘lifestyle’ blogger’s seasonal favorite.
Positive reviews can help 72% of the consumers to trust a business.Once you have a recognizable, unique selling point, then you can slay any market giant. Let your followers make some noise by posting positive reviews, and your arsenal is packed to perfection.

Final word

Remember that big brands were small once, just like you. If they have got here, you can too. All you need is to invest in an effective search engine optimization strategy. And voila! You have won!
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