5 Google Ranking Factors Every Beginner MUST Know

5 Google Ranking Factors Every Beginner MUST Know
The best method to propagate the application of the website is by bringing it up in the Google SEO ranking.
Any beginner who aims to start a website on his or her own must know a few basic facts which explain why one should have a clear idea about how the ranking in the SEO matters and how Google operates it. 
Google is very specific about the content they put up in their search results and the methods by which the ranking of your websites will come up in the Google search engine is described as follows:

• A secure and accessible website:

The website which you are promoting or you want it to come up in the SEO ranking of Google must have good validity and security which is usually unmatched by any other websites. It must run well, should be accessible and must not be redirected to any other website or browser. It should not let the online viruses and malware enter your phone which reduces it's acceptability and hence, reduces its want and the ranking in the Google search engine will fall down. This creates the loss of ranking which is not desired by any beginner. 

• Page speed:

The page speed of a website must be good enough so that the user must not get irritated with the low speed of a website. It must allow the user to scroll down quickly and fast when the required information is urgent and important. The page speed is an important factor because when the user is unable to navigate through the page fast enough, they will leave the website and this lowers their taking in the SEO. Proper page speed is an important factor in the making of a website.

• Mobile friendly:

In today's world, most of the internet surfing is done on the mobile phone. This makes sure that the mobile phone is good enough for the working of the websites and the website is feasible enough to be opened on the phone. The people are rarely dependent on their laptops or desktops to search for information in today's world. Most of them know about the facts which are found on the mobile screen. If your website is not able to run information on the mobile phone, the SEO ranking will fall. It might even be called as invalid by the SEO ranking.

• URL and authority:

Your website must have links and results which are absolutely important for the dealing of the website in the earlier stages. The relevant links or URLs must be present. The main URL of the website must be present which is found at the top of the stairs bar is the one that must be able to join the website from any browser. The authority of the website must be in its URL that is the one which will determine in which path the website runs and the main method to find them. Any misinterpretation in this is sure to cause the website to crash and the ranking to fall. 

• Content:

The chief method to attract information on the website and the best way to bring up the rank of the website is by using the best available content. Content speaks for everything. You must know that the best content is always the winner in terms of the ranking of the SEO. The keywords application might be found in Keyword.com This explains the application of proper keywords. How to make a content-rich website is also explained by Keyword.com. This is one of the best methods to bring up the SEO ranking and the best way to advertise your website as well. The loss of good content might result in poor reception of the audience and will reduce the demand of the website to a major extent and will thus reduce the ranking in the SEO ranking.

Summing it up

Thus, these are some points which a beginner must know when they are trying to bring up their website in the Google ranking. The ideas are mostly based on the concept of good content and the appropriate keywords. The drop of content must be avoided in all cases. This reduces the ranking to a great extent. Follow these tips and you are sure to gain leverage over the other websites.
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