7 Things You Need To Know About Launching Your Own Clothing Line In Nigeria

7 Things You Need To Know About Launching Your Own Clothing Line In Nigeria
A clothing line is different from the typical fashion business in the sense that you'd be selling the class, not just necessarily the clothes.
Yes, you'd be selling a premium product to people, and you should be targeting individuals that prioritise value over price. To achieve this, you'd have to figure out a way of penetrating into their clique or network.
To be honest with you, one of the easiest ways of getting such connection (in the Nigerian tongue) is to have a packaging (ie good branding) and peer affirmation.
Your packaging is the first thing someone notices on sighting your product, and making them appear as great as possible would be more sales. One way of achieving this is by studying other premium brands.

Starting a clothing line in Nigeria? Check out these 7 tips

If you're interested in launching your own clothing line in Nigeria, you can check out these 7 practical tips:

• You can start small

The internet has made things very easy for small entrepreneurs. You can start your clothing line with in a cost-effective way, without having to patronise a super model or celebrity photographer.
With an official website, good social media presence and the right marketing strategies, you won't have issues getting customers.

• Identify your target market

One of the first steps of launching a successful business is identifying an audience already ready for it. You can create a very awesome product but you can't really create a demand for your product if you don't have a market for it.
For instance, I saw that the Nigerian [fashion] community really needed service. I'm Nigerian, I know how they think, and I know what they would want to shop. I know the [clothing] styles they want and I [understand] their struggles. With the above information, I can go ahead to create products and target it at them.

• Work with the media

To achieve success as a fashion entrepreneur, you'd be needing a great deal of media attention. You'd have to work with both the online and the traditional media. Your press releases, look book, line sheets and even upcoming shows should be featured in the news.
You can achieve this by assembling a list of media editors, fashion buyers, clothing distributors, boutique owners and merchandisers who'd be interested in your working with you.

• You can start with a small team

Don't wait till you're able to afford a team of 500 people before launching your business, you can start with less than 10 people at first. I know someone that started with a team of 2 (including herself), her colleague was the model, graphic designer, photographer and social media person.
Right now, they've grown to almost 10 people and at that rate, more people will be joining the business soon. The most important task is launching the product, there is always a room for growth.

• Work with the right people

Whether you'd be starting with 2 team mates or 500 employees, always endeavour to choose the right people. Hire people that will be focused on growing your brand. Don't hire with sentiments, if possible, work with a reputable recruitment firm.
As you grow, you should have a marketing team, logistics crew, design assistant, merchandiser and assembling team.

• Obtain the necessary permits

Register your brand with the necessary agencies to avoid getting into issues in the later run. Your logos and designs should also be protected from unauthorised usages by third parties. 
The last thing you need as a startup is piracy, it can crumple your brand. This is one of the issues faced by many big designers, you'd often see traders selling their pirated brands at very much cheaper rates.

• Promote your brand

You need as much exposure as possible as a startup. If possible, consider having a website where you'd be sampling your latest designs, hot selling products and discounts. It is very affordable and will save you so much advertising budgets.
With a good social media presence and search engine optimisation, you'd be getting sales even without having to spend on advertisements.

What more? Starting a fashion brand requires a lot of commitments and good marketing strategies. If you're really passionate about it, then you can give it a try. Once your brand gets established, you'd be glad you took the bold step.

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