5 Legitimate Platforms That Pay Nigerian Writers in 2020

5 Legitimate Platforms That Pay Nigerian Writers in 2020
In this article, we'd be exploring some legitimate platforms that pay writers for their contents in 2020, while some will pay you a flat rate, a number of others will pay for traffic generated on your contents.
Getting paid for your articles is very possible in Nigeria, and you can earn even from the comfort of your bedroom. One fact that you should however not fail to put into consideration is that the internet is already flooded with click-baits that one might find it difficult getting a legitimate platform, but nevertheless, they exist.
We previously shared a list of over 20 blogs and websites that pay writers in Nigeria, and you can also check them out at the end of this piece.

How much are content writers paid in Nigeria?

It varies and depends on certain factors like your experience, your client and the platform you're writing for. For example, some platforms like Blasting News and Opera News pay per views, while Listverse will per a flat rate of $100 per accepted article.
When talking about your experience, you'd earn more from job boards like Fiverr as you advance from one level to another. A level one seller might find it hard getting gigs, especially before you get your first 5-star review.

How can one get paid to write in Nigeria?

Join me as we explore some legitimate sites that pay Nigerian writers. I've tested some of them, while a number of others have been confirmed by many internet users across the globe.

• Opera Hub

Opera News is one of the most popular apps in Nigeria, with millions of downloads and over 200,000 reviews on Google Playstore. In 2019, they opened their portals for Nigerian writers who'd be interested in getting paid for their articles and so far, they've paid out millions of Naira.
In January, I earned nearly ₦80,000, but the highest paid writer earned above ₦500,000. One good thing about writing for Opera is that your articles will pay you. They per for traffic garnered by your articles and also organise monthly competitions for rewarding devoted writers.
Their pay is ₦360 per 10,000 views, plus other incentives that they regularly announce on the platform. Signing up is free, you just have to visit hub.opera.com to create your account.
Opera Hub deposits your earnings into your Opay account, which you will in turn, withdraw to your local bank account.

• Blasting News

Blasting News is slightly similar to Opera Hub in the sense that they'd pay you for traffic garnered by your contents. But while Opera Hub will help you get views, Blasting News writers will have to generate the traffic themselves.
So it's great if you already have a strong social media presence and in search of a way to monetise them. Unlike Opera News, their pay varies with traffic source. Traffic generated from Facebook or other social media platforms earn the highest money.
They pay:
$6 per 1,000 readers who come from social media referrals
$4 per 1,000 readers who come from search engines, direct traffic, and referral traffic

Their pay is relatively low, looking at the fact that you'd be the person to generate the traffic. They also pay higher for traffic generated from tier-1 countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.
Blasting News pays via your PayPal account or bank transfer. If you'd be choosing the PayPal option, you'll have to insert a slash "/" instead of SWIFT in the space given for it. While writing for them, I cashed out my earnings via PayPal because of the stress of having to wait for my money to land...lol.
If you'd prefer the PayPal option, kindly check out our post on how to create a PayPal account that can send and receive funds from Nigeria.

• Listverse

Listverse will promise to pay you $100 per accepted work. Unlike the above listed platforms, they pay a flat fee and you won't have to bother about the amount of traffic generated by your article.
See how the platform works:
You get an interesting topic that can be divided into a list of 10 items, you research on it and send it to them. If accepted, they'd pay you straight to your PayPal.
To be honest, I haven't been paid by the site but reviews online prove they're legitimate. My first article in 2018 got rejected, and since then I never returned to writing for them.
To find out more about writing for them visit their official website, Listverse.com.

• Medium

Medium is another website to explore if you want to get paid for writing. One good thing about them is that you'd be paid by the readers, not from advertising revenue. As you know, most blogs monetise their platforms with adverts and sponsored posts but in Medium.com, the reverse is the case.
Their readers will subscribe for a monthly fee of $5 (or $50 when paid annually) and they will in turn, pay you for views generated from your traffic.
While researching on this article, I saw a medium writer who earned over $300 from an article of 7.8K views. This is so amazing, considering the fact that other sites that depend on advertisements don't pay up to that.

• WritersWeekly.com

WritersWeekly.com prides itself as one of the oldest and most respected sites on freelance writing, having been publishing continuously since 1997.
They purchase articles from freelance writers and authors worldwide. All you need to do is read their guidelines, pitch ideas, and subscribe to their website.
They do not accept guest posts, cartoons, poetry, book reviews, how-to articles, product/service reviews and company or individual profiles. You can check out other guidelines from their official website.
They accept articles from all countries, but payment is strictly via PayPal. If you're interested in writing for them, you can contact us for your PayPal account at a very affordable rate. We'll create it and deliver to you in less than 24 hours. All you need is a functional email address, our team will provide every other thing including the credit card for verification.

• SitePoint 

Are you passionate about writing articles related to web development? SitePoint will be the best place for you. They're focused on publishing contents related to WordPress, JavaScript, Design & UX, Microsoft Tech, HTML and CSS, PHP, Web and more.

To join the community, you'll have to fill out a form where you need to describe yourself. They will evaluate your profile and add you to their contributors’ group if you are a good fit for them. They demand punctuality and commitment.

While they don't tell outsiders how much they pay writers, you sure can earn good money if accepted since they stated that it is 'above average'.
To find out more about writing for them, visit their official website, SitePoint.com.

Other sites that pay writers:

You can also consider the following sites:
• Cracked.com
• Copyhackers
• Onlinebookclub.org
• Mediabistro.com

What more? These are not all (off course, no one can list all), why don't you drop the ones you've worked for in the comment section below?
Don't forget to share with your friends, they'd be needing them too. Before you leave, also check out our article on 5 HOTTEST secrets on how to make money from Facebook.
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