How To Get Tractors For Rent In Nigeria And The Cost Of Hiring Them

How To Get Tractors For Rent In Nigeria And The Cost Of Hiring Them
In this post, we will be looking at how to rent a tractor in Nigeria and a break down of the cost.
Nigeria as a country is gradually diversifying it's economy, and thanks to the private sector, we are moving at a very fast pace.
One of such sectors of the economy that is not giving a chance about not developing quick is the agricultural sector, and it is moving at a pace faster than almost all other sectors.
This however won't be possible if we keep it at the subsistence agricultural level, and it will be purely impossible to provide for all the citizens of the country.

Now before I continue, most people prefer renting tractors to buying their own because of the high cost of maintenance of such heavy duty machines.

How Much Is A New Tractor In Nigeria?

The cost of the tractor depends on many things, and brand new tractors are more expensive than the fairy used ones.
It will cost you anything from ₦5 million to ₦30 million to get a fairly used tractor, and most of them are foreign used. I checked for the prices on Jiji.ng, and some sellers placed their own for as low as ₦4.7 million.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Tractor In Nigeria?

Renting a tractor depends on many things, and one of such is the location where you will be using it.
There are also a lot of government owned tractors you can hire, and agencies like the Agric Development Cooperation help make this possible.

There are two models that can be used in renting a tractor, and they are:
- The pay per hour model
- The pay per day model
We'd be seeing them briefly.
 The pay per hour model: This is the model of renting of tractors where you pay per hour of usage. This is not mostly used, and it is more expensive especially if you will be renting the tractor for a wider period of time.
The price is anything around ₦7,000 per hectare for ploughing and ₦5,000 per hectare for other farm operations.
The pay per day model: I personally prefer this type, though the choice is still yours to make. You are billed per day of usage of the tractor, and you can choose to rent it for a week, month or as you like.
The cost of renting a tractor per day ranges from between ₦8000 and ₦10000 per day. 

Remember that the prices of the tractors depend on some things including the size, brand and power rating of the tractors.
There are not many people into the tractor renting business, and you might need to contact government agricultural agencies and bodies to get proper guide on how to rent tractors. 

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