5 Tips On How To Carry A Ladder On A Pickup Truck Or Lorry

5 Tips On How To Carry A Ladder On A Pickup Truck Or Lorry
A ladder is one of the things you need to effectively carry out your job as a contractor, and you should know how to carry it on a pickup truck or lorry.
This is because there are times you need to move to very far locations and to make this possible, movement of the tools, including the ladder should be as convenient as possible.
To start with, ladders are bulky in nature, and pose a risk to not only you, but also other road users. 
It is not like other working tools that you can fix into something and move them without anyone getting to know what you have on you, and so you have to be creative enough.

One of the things that will help you make this possible is the use of a high-quality ladder rack for your pickup vehicle.
There are other things you need to do, and we'd be seeing them in this article.

Factors To Consider In The Transportation Of Your Ladders

While transporting your ladders, some of the things you need to put into consideration include:
Safety: If you are not careful enough to protect your ladder from falling, it might cause more harm than good and such negligence can land you heavy fines or even a jail term in some countries.
Availability of space on the truck: To be able to move the ladder on your truck, it must contain it properly. 
If you need bigger space, you might consider investing in (or even renting) something bigger.
Ease of access: If you must enjoy your job, things should be as easy as possible. There are already a lot of difficult things in the construction world and you shouldn't add to it.

How To Transport Your Ladder On A Pickup Van Or Lorry

Transportation of your ladder is not the easiest thing you will do as a contractor, but it is necessary.
Some of the tips that will help you make it a success include:

• Making Use Of A Ladder Rack

Making use of a ladder rack will help you make the processes easier and of course, safer for both you and other road users.
It will help you increase productivity, and all you need to do is hang it to the top of the van and you will place the ladders carefully at the top, pinning it with something to ensure safety.

• Transporting The Ladder Without A Rack

If you do not have a rack, or maybe you just rented the pickup vehicle to help you transport your tools, then it is also very possible.
Load the ladder in such a way that it will leans on the cab and down to the closed tailgate. 
Try holding the ladder down to the vehicle using a ratchet strap, then make sure you keep a red ribbon at the back warning other road users of danger, and so they don't come close.

What ever it takes, make sure you stay safe and make your work as easy as possible.
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