10 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

10 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents
In this article, we'd be seeing some very important things you should avoid doing when meeting your partner's parents.
When most relationships become serious, you'd see your partner requesting that you see his/her parents. In most cases, it gives you confidence that you're not just wasting your time in the relationship.
Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time can be intimidating, especially in Africa where parents will on sighting you, want to get every possible information about you.
So what and what do you need to do to 'win' their love at first sight? Join as we explore some tips and don't forget to drop yours as comments below.

• Public display of affection

We all know how great being intimate with your partner can be, but now isn't really the best time to do that. Once your partner's parents' see you kissing or cuddling their child, they might automatically write you off.
This doesn't mean that you become cold, robotic or distant, you just have to feel relaxed while interacting with them.

• Exaggerate (or lie) to make yourself look good

You might end up embarrassing your partner and his/her parents by exaggerating or acting fake when meeting them for the first time. As you know, that won't be the last time you'll be meeting with them, so trying to act like someone else might really end up hurting your relationship.
If your partner is okay with your status, his/her parents should be able to do same. There won't be any point of lying to a attract their likeness.

• Bringing up a controversial topic for discussion

I always advise people to do more of listening when meeting their partner's parents for the first time. But when prompted to talk, avoid bringing up topics like religion, politics or sex, especially when you don't know their stand.
While your partner might be okay with you being an atheist, his/her parents might be staunch church goers who don't think well of anyone that doesn't believe in their religion. This also applies to your political views. It won't make sense arguing with your partner's parents on the best between APC and PDP.

• Don't give long speeches

Now is not the best time to start telling your life story or how your parents divorced in your grade 6. Since you're in a serious relationship with their child, you'd still have ample time in the future to share all those your stories, your partner can do that too.
Like I earlier said, it is best to listen more than you talk when meeting your parent's ward for the first time.

• Fixing eyes on your phone

Avoid texting, checking your emails or even browsing social media when talking with your partner's parents. C'mon, you should know how disrespectful this is. This applies to generally everyone, using your phone during conversations will to an extent, make them think that you have no regards for them.
You should already know how African parents dislike people who use their smartphones much, don't make create a bad impression of yourself on your first meeting.

• Don't let them clean up after you

I've seen a lot of 'woke' ladies who campaign against doing domestic chores when meeting with their partner's parents for the first time. While I'm the parents instructing you to watch their cars on your first visit, offering to clear the dishes won't do reduce your class a bit.
In fact, most parents will refuse to allow you do that, but at the end of the day, give you a pass mark. Your partner might letter tell you gist you on how they commended that your action.

• Dress modestly

It doesn't matter if you're a rapper or model, your dressing will go a long way towards building a good impression of you. To the guys, you shouldn't wear all the chains in the world with crazy jeans, you know all those swaggy stuff? While being trendy isn't bad, being modest in your first meeting with your partner's parents is best.
To the ladies, avoid wearing shorts or revealing gowns and blouses. You're not going for a fashion parade, when it's time for that, you can dress the way you want.

• Get wasted

Do not meet them while intoxicated or get intoxicated at the first meeting, it might give them an impression that you lack self control and make poor decisions.
Meeting your partner's parents for the first time requires your attention, coherence and genuineness ― none of which is possible if you are intoxicated.

• Mind what you eat

A number of people advise that you avoid finishing any food given to you, no matter how big or small. While I don't care if my visitors' finish any food given to them (of which I normally dispose the remaining), you might want to package in your first visit to someone's parents.
Also, mind what you order for when given the opportunity. I'd even advise you avoid asking for alcoholic drinks at all, your partner knows you take them, but his/her parents might not be cool with that.

• Don't pass the night there

Yes, you guys aren't married already, so passing the night in the place might not be that a great idea. Your partner might try convincing you, probably telling you that his/her parents are very cool with that, just don't do that unless you're coming from a very long distance.
Like I earlier said, following the rules above won't mean that you have to become cold, distant or robotic, you just have to be relaxed while interacting with them,. Make your discussions friendly, and neutral rather than behaving like you're desperate to have them as your in laws.
What did I miss? Kindly drop them as comments below and don't forget to share with your friends. Before you leave, also check out our previous article on 3 amazing success tips that will help you run your business in Nigeria.
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