3 Things Women Do When They Are Cheating On Their Man

3 Things Women Do When They Are Cheating On Their Man
Falling in love is very interesting, but when things begin to go soar, then it's time to take critical decisions.
Telling when a lady is in love with you is very easy, but telling when she is out of love might not really be, especially when they are taking measures to cover up.
Now, how can you know that your woman is cheating on you?

There are so many ways to know when someone you love is seeing someone else, and they range from a gradual swing in behaviour to general loss of interests.
In fact, you would actually be a real insensitive folk not to be able to tell that, and (I'm sorry to say), you deserved to be cheated on.
Men generally cheat because of fun, and it may not go deep into their minds.
Women on the other hand, cheat because of many things, starting from attention, to love, affection and material gains.
We are not here to discuss the reasons, so I will be showing you three ways you can tell that your partner is cheating.
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• Loss of interest in romance

When those things that used to turn her no more do, it's a bad sign.
It might not necessarily mean that she is seeing someone else, and can be caused by so many things including stress, emotional instability, worries, lack and so on.
However, you know your woman very well, and when you notice that she is no more interested in romance, especially love making, then she might be seeing someone else.
The coldness will be very noticeable, and no matter how good you've always been in bed, she will find excuses to avoid intimacy.
You can decide to stalk her, monitor her, make some inquiries, or better still, have some discussions with her.
Things can always be amended before they get out of hand.

• Always lost in thoughts

When a woman is in love with someone, their whole mind will always be on that individual.
The moment she begins to get lost in thoughts, and pay lesser attention to what you are saying, it is probably a warning sign.
She might also be thinking of a way of quitting the relationship, and you will always see her with her phone.
Should I add that the phone will always be on lock, and silence so you don't know the caller? You will also always see, if chanced her callers' names saved with funny things.

• Constantly asking about her man's schedule

It is not abnormal for your woman to always ask about your schedule, so as to plan the day, make you surprises and even prepare meals, but when cheating, she will be taking everything to the extreme.
Of course, you can tell when there is a difference if you are sensitive, and if you want to catch her, give her a wrong schedule and return home at an odd hour.
It could be hot in the afternoon, when she is very sure that you will be at work.

If you don't find her at home, my brother worry, there's fire on the mountain.
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