5 Easiest Ways To Make Money Online During The Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Period

5 Easiest Ways To Make Money Online During The Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Period
We would be staying at home for the next few days, and even though it has been relaxed in some regions, things are yet to return to normalcy.
Your job is on hold, but the bills are piling up and you have to keep eating, consuming toiletries, fuelling your generator and in fact, living.
Even the people who own shops have locked them up, but they have to be paying for the rent.
What about those who own livestock farms? Demand has been greatly reduced, but you still buy feed everyday so your animals don't starve to death.
Now, how can you survive as a Nigerian? You have a family, and probably kids looking at you, and they will be paying their fees as soon as the lock down is relaxed.
I will be sharing 5 very amazing ways you can make money online for yourself during the Covid-10 stay-at-home.
If you need a full guide on how to make money online, then check out these 26 killer tips that help me pay my bills completely from the internet.

How To Make Money Online During The Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

There are so many ways to make money online during the pandemic, and you can check out a full list HERE.
I will be sharing 5 amazing things you can do to earn yourself money from the internet now:

• Blogging

Blogging is one of the most interesting ways of making money online during the stay at home, and I shared the tips that helped me grow my blog from 0 daily page views to over 20,000 daily page views on this page.
Now, what is blogging all about? It is simply the owning and making of money from a blog. You can write on anything - fashion, food, automobile, news, music, movies, business and so on.
Some of the ways to monetize your blog include the use of ad networks, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, digital marketing and sponsored posts.

• YouTube

We all have YouTube apps in our phones, and someone like me even has two variations... Lol.
Have you ever thought of the people making the videos, and why they are motivated to do that? They are making money from you watching the videos, and you too can.
In case you are getting started, you can check out our beginner's guide on how to set up a YouTube channel.
Some of the ways of making money from YouTube include Adsense, affiliate marketing, ecommerce and digital marketing.

• Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online where you refer customers to sellers of products and services and earn commissions from successful sales generated.
Let's take for instance, I got my website's domain name from Whogohost, and their services are top notch.
I can sign up for their affiliate program, then write a post about them on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even blog, while inserting the unique link they gave to me.
Commissions will be based on successful sales, and there is no limit to how many referral earnings you can make from a particular product.

• Facebook

Are you surprised? I shared some little tips that helped me make more than ₦200,000 from my personal Facebook account in one month, and you can check it out.
Since you own a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account, why not think of a way of monetizing it? You can go into affiliate marketing, sales of products, digital marketing and plenty other ways.

• Information Marketing

Information marketing is another very interesting way of making money online. Let's assume you know how to create a particular software, and you think other's would love to learn it, you can package the knowledge into an ebook, video, podcast or even a locked website and charge people for it.
There are many courses you can sell for as low as $7, and if you get 100 people to pay for it, then you know how much you will be smiling home with.

Don't rejoice yet, information marketing, especially as a beginner isn't the easiest thing you will do. You can check out our post on how to make good money from the digital marketing business even as a Nigerian or any other countries.
Thanks a lot for reading along.
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