The Best #DontLeaveMe Challenge Videos On The Internet

The Best #DontLeaveMe Challenge Videos On The Internet
The #DontLeaveMe Challenge has been trending for a while now, and we have seen a lot of (if not hundreds) videos.
Now, not many of us know a lot about the challenge and how it all came to be.
Who started it? How did it go viral? 
Well, the challenge was started by Nigerian comedian and actor, Josh Alfred best known as Josh2Funny.
He has been working with fellow comedian, Bello Kreb and they originated other trends including the of #TheAudition, #AllMyGuysAreBallerz and #ThinkAboutIt.
Well, a lot of other superstars and social media influencers including Kanayo O. Kanayo and DJ Cuppy have participated, and they're all awesome.
We have compiled a video of some of the amazing challenges, and I promise you'd laugh to the end.

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