All You Need To Know About Reddit Karma (Plus 17 Tips On How To Earn It)

All You Need To Know About Reddit Karma
Reddit is not a website. It’s a network of communities. It is a platform used by thousands of people for endless conversations.
There are stories on hundreds of topics based on his or her interests. 

Don’t worry, and you can find a community of your investment. Reddit karma isn’t the same, and it employs its form. It means the score or the coins people get for posts and comments. Reddit is the sixth-most-popular site in the United States, and it builds itself as the “front page of the internet.” 

People share a whole lot of stories, including their art, daily shores, tv shows, food, books, quotes, essays, etc. It owns its language and abbreviations such as OP, AMA. Here,  “OP” means  “original poster,” whereas AMA” indicates to “ask me anything.” The Reddit community has subreddit. Now let’s dive to Reddit karma. 

What is Reddit karma?     

Reddit karma is the score one gets for their posts and comments on Reddit. Some people are so talented at maintaining their score in the millions on their scoreboard. Reddit karma is a reward earned if their post or comments become popular among their community threads. Moreover, there are Reddit upvotes which can help you to move your post to the top of the site and reach a wider audience. 

People get more karma if their posts and comments are upvoted. It implicitly matches the above quote given, stating people are rewarded for their work. It keeps its users engaged in earning coins that are imaginary and to know how much a user can do for their community. But in order to earn it, you need to follow the following guides on getting Reddit karma.

How to earn Reddit Karma?

This is a controversial question among people who still want to earn internet scores blindly. Reddit karmas are categorized into two categories that are Post karmas and link karmas. People get their scores increased when their posts or comments are upvoted. But the score runs down if his or her positions are downvoted.

Remember that nobody gets upvoted for self-posts. For example, I could post a self-post and earn no karma for my scoreboard. Some people react to the comments on their posts and are more likely to earn comment karma. Below are a few tricks to do so,
1. When someone is new to Reddit, they have a single credit and no credit for comment karma. This tempts people to earn it. I suggest you learn the game and win the game. Afterall it gets people more addicted.
2. One can tend to raise their score by upvoting on the accessible contents of the site. Be smart enough to use the topics that are recently hot and are in trend. This can earn you a score by keeping your voters engaged. 
3. Don’t make the topic so controversial. This contributes to nothing. If the issue is too contentious, then the symbol(+) appears on your karma.
4. Choose your topics wisely. You should have high-quality content. The content that makes people want to share links. They are suddenly tempted to make comments without fail. Good content deserves its rewards.
5. Be an active voter. By upvoting or downvoting, one can make sure that they contribute something to Reddit. This can make the new user have a pleasant experience.
6. Post things that make one feel unique. Funny posts get more upvotes, and people start visiting often, thinking that this thread has useful humorous posts.
7. Join in popular subreddits like /r/funny and /r/pics where millions of people hang out.
8. Make positive and kind comments. This earns you more credits. The use of GIF reactions for upvotes is appreciated. 
9. Posts that make people upset get downvoted, and you lose karma.
10. Being an expert in a field, try to find such communities, join them, sort out what is needed, and contribute with beautiful content people search for. This will help lots of people, and the karma scoreboard explodes. 
11. Be an early bird to post breaking news and stories early.
12. Find a less popular subreddit and share links or contents. This will help them to become famous as users get to see it often, and they start contributing from their side.
13. The contents must be sensible and discussion-worthy to engage the users and make them feel you are worth listening to.
14. Be responsive by responding to the people who comment for posts. This gives a feeling that each individual is respected for their opinions.
15. Promote the posts by yourself and share posts at the right time.
16. Ask open-ended questions and answer them. Stick with raising and large subreddits.
17. Be polite, and encourage people.

The benefit of having more Reddit karma is that one can enjoy more Reddit features. People will brand you. The more the Reddit score, then more people will have more trust towards you. This is a kind of reputation for being right.
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