10 Amazing Ways You Can Earn From Nairaland Forum

10 Amazing Ways You Can Earn From Nairaland Forum
Nairaland is the biggest forum in Africa and one of the 10th visited websites in Nigeria according to Alexa.
So far, over 2,048,028 different individuals all over the world have created accounts on the platform making it one of the best places you can visit if you want your voice to be heard.
We have previously discussed on how you can make money from Facebook, Twitter, PepTribe, and YouTube. How about we show you amazing ways you can start making money from Nairaland as a Nigerian?

How To Make Money In Nairaland As A Nigerian (or African)

The following tips work very well if you are a Nigerian because of different methods pf payments, however you can also create an account on different payment gateways like Payoneer, Skrill and PayZa if you'd love to earn from Nairaland as a non-Nigerian.
If you have been searching the web for for businesses one can do on Nairaland, Nairaland business opportunities, how to make money online or how to make money online through Nairaland, then here is the best place for you.

Advantages Of Posting On Nairaland

- Nairaland is a great source of traffic to your websites or blogs.
- Nairaland promotes unity because people from different Nigerian tribes log-in there to discuss together.
- It makes your voice to be heard.
- Posts on Nairaland get indexed on search engines very well, so it's a good platform for getting your business noticed.
- By visiting the platform, you'll get informed of the latest gist from the whole world and also get to hear from different people's opinions.

10 Easiest Ways To Make Money On Nairaland

- Blog Traffic

If you are a blogger, then Nairaland should be among your free sources of traffic. It gives me a lot of traffic, to be honest, I get up to 6,000 daily traffic from Nairaland on my other blog because of the niche.
The easiest way to get massive traffic on your blog from Nairaland is to publish an interesting post on your blog with an attractive title, then you'll post it on the right section and mention the admins. If they find it interesting, it'll be featured on the homepage and people who enjoyed the post will visit the source to read more related articles. In that way, monetizing your blog traffic will be very easy for you. 
Another method of getting traffic is to create a new thread on the forum and post an interesting part of the article with a 'Read More' link that people will follow to visit your blog.
As a blogger, if you've not yet started publishing contents on Nairaland, then you'll have to give it a try.

- Graphics Design

Are you a talented graphics designer, then Nairaland is a great platform for you. If you want to advertise your business on Nairaland, you'll see the criteria for getting your banner accepted.
This makes the roles of graphics designers on the platform essential.
You can generate sales to your gig by updating your bio with your skill and people who need graphics designers for their logos, book covers, banners, and sales pages will contact you.

- Affiliate marketing

Although this is against the rules of Nairaland, we had to include it here because of a reason. You can publish a blog post on your blog with affiliate links, when people visit your blog from Nairaland, they'll see the links and visit the websites. In that way, you won't be breaking the rules of the platform.

- Sales of E-books

Nairaland has helped me generate a lot of sales and I'm sure it'll also favour you. It has an advertisement section that you can visit to advertise to thousands of Africans. My latest e-book, Freelancing Made Easy has gotten a lot of sales even without advertising it, just posting about it on the platform.
Nairaland has also helped me generate sales on our other e-books though I run Facebook and twitter ads for them too.
Other writers also have good tales on how Nairaland has helped them generate sales and you an queue in too.
You just have to write an e-book on a topic that you know best, make sure the topic of the e-book has something good to offer.

- Marketing of your products

If you have any product that Nigerians will love to purchase, then Nairaland is one of the best choices for you. It can be a t-shirt, face cap, gadgets or even cars. All you have to do is to create a thread on it in the right section and interested people will contact you for it.
I've seen people advertising used Android phones on the platforms with positive results.

- Freelance writing

Can you write? If yes you can turn your words into cash through this platform by offering freelancing services. Different Nairaland members frequently post writing opportunities in the career section of the forum and you can queue in to start selling your gigs.
Different things you can write include business plans, application letters, proposals, newspaper articles, blog posts, research publications, resumes and many more.
You can also check out our e-book, Freelancing Made Easy you'll see more than 200 hand-picked Websites that pay more than $100 per articles and they are hiring now. The e-book is only N900.

- Website designs

Companies come to Nairaland to look for web designers and you can get hired from the platform. You can take the advantage of the rising trend of blogging to get a lot of clients. To build trust, I suggest you use a trusted hosting platform like Blue Host when creating your websites to avoid complications in the future. 

- SEO Services

Every business owner wants his or her business to get noticed and therefore would pay a lot of money to achieve this goal. If you are good in search engine optimization, Nairaland can help you get clients that will purchase your gigs.
You can create a new thread to advertise your service or use the Nairaland targeted ads scheme. Its all about studying and understanding how SEO works and how the different search engines rank websites. then you can be able to out rank your clients competitors.

- YouTube videos

Nowadays, with a good smart phone, you can be making a lot of money by creating and posting videos on YouTube. It requires just a Gmail account and a YouTube channel and you're good to go.
You can monetize the videos by putting Adsense on it. However, Adsense can ban your video for copyright infringement so you should be careful when creating the contents.

- Consulting

Are you an expert in any topic like health, automobiles, careers, psychological issues, then you can get paid on Nairaland for consultations and offering of expert advices.
One way of getting people's mind is by offering a limited information for free and then charging for premium services. That way you'll be building trust.
Getting paid on Nairaland is very easy and many people are already benefitting from it. if you don't have an account yet, visit Nairaland.com to get started.
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