Crypto-trading: How To Buy And Sell Bitcoins On TruexGOLD

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On TruexGOLD
In this article, we'll be seeing all you need to know about buying and selling bitcoins on Truexgold.com.
Before we begin, if you're still new to crypto trading, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world today, with 1 Bitcoin equaling ₦3,792,377.25. This is very impressive, considering the gap between bitcoin and its closest rival, ethereum which is currently trading at ₦94,511.25 per bitcoin.

We've already listed out 7 amazing ways of making money from bitcoin in Nigeria, and I recommend you check them out. We discussed various ways, ranging from selling the bitcoins to joining bitcoin affiliate programs and even more. Not mentioning the bitcoin network marketing, faucets and even bitcoin mining.

About Truexgold

In today's article, we'd be telling you about one site every Nigerian bitcoin trader should know about, Truexgold.com. Truexgold is an online platform that helps you to receive your money in Naira. You can trade on binary, bitcoin, ethereum, payer, perfect money, advanced cash and more on the platform.

How To Join Truexgold

Signing up is for Truexgold is free, and you're only required to have a working email. Follow the below steps to create your account:
• Visit TruexGold.com
• Click on sign-up at the top right corner of the screen
• Fill in your details, accept (also read) the terms and conditions and click on SIGN UP
• Voila, you're good to go. You will then be taken to the homepage
how to trade on TruexGold
• Don't forget to check your email, you'd receive a mail confirming your account creation. If you don't see it, you can also check your spam folder, sometimes, our email providers do more than they're sent to.

Why TruexGold?

TruexGOLD is a trusted crypto-currency exchanger platform where you can buy, sell or exchange bitcoin, ethereum, perfect money, binary, payeer, planetofbets,  advanced cash and over 50 other digital currencies.
They maintain the best rates in the industry and ensure their clients are given the utmost satisfaction. In fact, over 90% of their transactions are fully automated.
NOTE: After creating your account, you'd be required to undergo some series of verifications which will include name validation, photo ID verification and phone number verification. You can find out more on the verification process after creating your account.

TruexGold Affiliate Program

If you're a blogger or influencer, you can consider joining the TrueGOLD affiliate program, and earn commissions for telling your followers about their services. Registration is very easy, in fact, you don't need to create another account if you're already on TruexGOLD.

Affiliate income is calculated automatically once an order in the system is marked as completed, and you (the affiliate) will earn a percentage of the profit made from the transaction. You can withdraw your earnings anytime you wish, so far you've reached the minimum withdrawal limit of $20.

What more? Don't forget to drop us a comment if you encounter any issues while creating your account. You can also contact the admin via the phone numbers on the official website.
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