5 Breakout Room Ideas For Your Business

5 Breakout Room Ideas For Your Business
It can be healthy for your staff members to take a step away from their workspace and have a little ‘relaxing’ time.
There are many studies that suggest taking a break whilst you’re at work is just as important as the work that you do. In doing so, staff members are allowing their brains to recharge and set themselves up well for the next shift ahead.

Overworking yourself whilst at work can have detrimental effects to you both physically and mentally. It can lead to fatigue, stress and affect your productivity which can produce poor output in terms of the quality of the work completed.

It’s important that you provide a breakout space in your business to help your employees wind down when they need it most. The design of your breakout room is an important aspect to consider so they can relax in the right way. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what to implement when designing your breakout room.

Open spaces

Providing an open plan breakout space provides your employees a gentle reminder that it’s a space that’s always welcome to them when they need to take a break. Dividing the space away from the work area can sometimes make your employees feel suffocated and not allowing their minds to ‘breathe’ during their work time.

Instead, you can use carpet tiles or designs that outline the breakout space without actually using walls. This can also save on construction costs when you’re building your office space.

Offer a lounge area

If you’ve introduced flexible working in your business, many of your employees may not be used to working at a desk and office chair. They’ll prefer surroundings that are more casual to suit their flexible working time.

You may have employees that wish to utilise your office space on the weekend. So, providing a comfortable lounge area will allow them to kickback and complete their relevant tasks. Jazz it out with a luxury coffee table, accompanied by a comfortable designer sofa rather than your typical high chair facing a desk and window. To top it off, a few plants and a shaggy rug will provide a quality touch.

Include a coffee machine

Office spaces are increasingly familiar with coffee areas. Many office workers use their break to grab a coffee and give them the midday boost they need to get through the remainder of the day. Therefore, it’s important to provide your employees with a coffee station to make their much needed cuppa.

This will encourage your workers to take a quick break more often as well as give them an area to have a chat away from their normal work. This can promote employee engagement and integration as workers become more sociable with their work colleagues.

Provide a breakfast bar

They say that your breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It vanishes any hunger issues that you have and gets you energised for the tasks ahead. As a dining space, a breakfast bar makes a perfect area for employees to enjoy their food away from their desk, but also use it as an area to work on their laptop.
If you’ve introduced flexible working in your business, many of your employees may not be used to working at a desk and office chair with coccyx cushion.

It’s also an added space where you can add a spot of colour to your business floor. Colour is a great way to keep the atmosphere vibrant and upbeat, rather than creating dark and lifeless workspaces which would prove hard to motivate your employees.

Breakout room ideas for your office

Although there may be many aspects of your business that you’re monitoring, your breakout room should be considered highly when building your business. This isn’t an extensive list of ideas, but these are just some of the ways that you can incorporate into your business breakout room to help keep your employees engaged and motivated.
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