How To Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 233?

How To Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 233?
Many users while trying to access the MS SQL database receive an Error 233 that states "No process is on the other end of the pipe".
The error details are written as:
A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the login process. (provider: Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 – No process is on the other end of the pipe) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 233)
In this blog, I will discuss different methods by which you can fix Microsoft SQL Server error 233. But, first, we must know the reason behind this error.

What are the causes behind MS SQL Server Error 233?

The SQL Server error 233 is caused by two reasons:
• The client tries to join with only named pipes and the named pipes protocol is disabled on the server.
• The client tries to join with any obtainable protocol, but named pipes are listed prior to the TCP in the client protocol order.
On the basis of the two reasons that are written above can easily fix the error 233. 
Condition 1. If the client is trying to bind using named pipes, and the server is not configured to permit the remote connections using named pipes, then you can follow this procedure:
Solution: You can link by using TCP/IP or can use the SQL Server Configuration Manager to permit the remote connections by using named pipes.
Condition 2. If the client protocol order is trying to join with the named pipes protocol prior to trying the TCP protocol, and the named pipes are disabled on the server, then you should follow this procedure:
Solution: Use the SQL Server Configuration Manager on the client computer, then proceed to TCP prior to the named pipes in the protocol order list.

These are the solutions based on some conditions but if you are still unable to fix such errors then follow the below manual ways. 

Manual Methods to fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 233:

Method 1: Enable SQL server and windows authentication

• First, log in to the MS SQL server with windows authentication
• Then, press on the right-click onto the server name in object explorer and then tap on the properties
• Tap on the security, choose the SQL server & windows authentication
• Choose OK
• After that, Close the SQL server management studio
• Tap on the start, run & write services.msc
• Finally, browse for SQL and then restart all services.

Method 2: Review the default database

Review the default database & in case it is online. You will encounter these typical problems only when the default database is in offline mode or does not exist. If by chance, your default database is other than master then in that case, you need to return to the master.

Method 3: Make sure that if the SQL server browser is open and working

You have to follow any one of the following steps:
• Start > Run > type services.msc and tap on the  enter – search SQL browser & start it
• Try “net start” I Start > run > CMD; enter net start SQL Browser

Method 4: Review the remote connection

It is important to allow a remote connection. In case, if you have disabled the feature, then your SQL server will work properly on your system but if the feature is on then, you have to follow these steps that are written below:
• Tap on the server node – select the properties.
• Choose the connection – tap on the “arrow remote connection to this server”
These are the manual methods that will help you to fix the SQL service login failed error 233. These methods are free to use but it is too tough for the novice users and hence requires expert help. Therefore, it is advised to the users to use an alternative tool that doesn’t require any technical skill mandatory for the users and also can be operated by users smoothly.

An alternative tool to fix MS SQL Server Error 233:

You can use SQL Database Recovery that will help in retrieving the important data from the corrupted MS SQL database files. The software can restore all SQL database objects very easily. The software is designed with a higher interface that can be managed even by the novice user.


Many users suffered in fixing Microsoft SQL Server error 233 as they don’t know the reason behind this. So in this blog, I tried to cover all the queries related to this issue such as reason and different methods by which you can easily resolve these problems. Although manual methods are quite complicated to perform, they can be used without paying any penny. But if the user wants to resolve this problem quickly then he can use the automatic tool.
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