Memoir Of Late American Top Singer And Songwriter, Betty Wright

Betty Wright
A baby was born to the Norris family, at Miami, Florida, United States, on 21st December, 1953.
The beautiful bundle of joy, a girl, father's name was McArthur Norris. He worked, in the lawn service. His wife Rosa Lee Akins Braddy, was a registered nurse.

The baby, an African American, was named Bessie Regina. Bessie, properly sired and educated in the high school, took after the family tradition singing, gospel music. Her mother, equally motivated her and her and her siblings, in that direction and her efforts, was not in vein.

Bessie Regina, better known as Betty Wright, had her debut album, "my first time around" at the age of 15. Her efforts was encouraging. She made the first top 40 songs, on the bill board, at that time.

Her advent, was not solo, from the early stages. At the age of 2, she was a vocalist, in the Norris music group, the echoes, with her siblings. They were together till she was 11 years.

Betty, full of spirit and energetic, in those early years, Deep city records, Miami, record owner, helped in discovering fresh talent such as George and Gwen McRae and helped them to sign with Alston records label, part of Henry Stones recording and distribution company.

The multiple Grammy award recipient, in R & B, was also noted for soul, funk and disco, genre, of music. The songstress is definitely worthy of emulation. A role model and was a giant in the music industry, world wide.

Three of of her early hits were, "tonight is the night", "no pain no gain" and "clean up woman". Her net worth, was $5 million. She passed on, 10th May, 2020. May her gentle soul rest in peace.


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