5 Facts You Need To Know About Fahim Saleh, The Late Founder Of Gokada

Fahim Saleh biography
In the late hours of Tuesday, 15th of July, 2020, the sad news of Mr.Fahim Saleh, the founder of motorbike hailing service, Gokada was announced dead.
Gokada was among the most popular mobile apps in Nigeria, until January 2020 when the Lagos State government banned all bikes and tricycle transportation services from operating. This was after some series of issues with the government, including imposing an annual licensing fee of $70,000 per 1,000 bikes and then $83 per bike after the first set of 1,000.

Fahim Saleh Profile

Fahim Saleh's biography isn't available yet, but we've been able to gather some information that will help you know whim better, and why he's very vital to the Nigerian economy.
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• Fahim Saleh was born in 1986 in Saudi Arabia to Bangladeshi parents. he lived with his family in the Middle East for a while before they started moving around, eventually settling as immigrants in New York. 
• He started schooling at New York and as a child, would always spend in hiding playing video games. It might be right to say that this helped spur his interest in technology, and he built his Salehfamily.com before his 15th birthday. The website was hosted on AOL Hometown.
His father used a 'marketing strategy' of encouraging his relatives to visit the website during family events like parties, and it helped him get an average of five unique website visitors per month. While this might sound funny, it was really encouraging to the young Fahim.
He studied computer information systems at the Bentley University in Massachusetts.
• Fahim gained his knowledge of app development from self-schooling himself as a teenager. Sooner, he decided to start making some money for himself and that pushed him into creating another website, teen-hangout.com at the age of 15.
The platform was a social network from which he made some pennies during the period. Then, Fahim would ask his friends to publish articles on it, and it soon became a community-oriented blogging forum, allowing him to place ads and generate $2-$3 a month through his trial and error approach.
Fahim Saleh created his first successful company while in high school and it generated over one million dollars in revenue. He created websites targeted at young demographics such as icondude.com, AIMdude.com, msndollz.com and iconfun.com. One of his websites was later sold on eBay for $2,000.  
He co-founded Pathao with Hussain M Elius and Shifat Adnan in 2015. The company which is currently worth over $100 million has so far, grown into becoming the largest bike-hailing service in Dhaka Bangladesh. It later pivoted into logistics and food deliveries.
The success of the Pathao encouraged Fahim Saleh into founding Gokada, but this time alone.
• In 2017, Gokada started operating in Lagos. It raised $5.3 million in venture capital in June 2019. According to Saleh, the sum would help the company expand its fleet and offer goods and services to its drivers.
The Lagos state government ban of bike hailing across thousands of roads in the state affected Gokada's operations. In February 2020, the company disclosed plans to venture into the logistics business and at the same time, bring to life its boat business.
• On Tuesday, the dismembered body of the 33-year old entrepreneur was found in his luxury apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Police detectives in New York disclosed that his body was found decapitated and dismembered with an electric saw. His head, limbs, and torso were said to have been found in different parts of the apartment after whoever murdered him tried to clean up the crime scene.
The homicide investigations are still on, but the Police Department says that they are yet to find any motive for the gruesome murder of the techpreneur. Fahin, until his death, lived alone with Laila, his little dog. 

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