5 Things You Need To Know About Dr Anu, The Founder Of Med Contour

Dr Adepoju Anuoluwapo
Dr Anu Fella is the founder/owner of Med Contour, a cosmetic surgery outfit located in Lagos State, Nigeria.
She was recently arrested after being accused of carrying out a botched cosmetic surgery that led to the death of one Mrs Nneka Miriam Barbra Onwuzuligbo.
Dr Anu Fella has been trending on Twitter and many Nigerians are in search of her biography. While her official biography isn't online, we have been able to get some basic information that you might like to know about the doctor and why she has been a source of controversies for some time now.

Dr Anu Fella Profile

Dr Anu Fella has over the years been involved in a lot of controversies. From reports over botched surgeries to being accused of not completing the compulsory one-year internship programme and even more.
Join me as we run through some key facts about the Med Contour doctor and why she has always been in the news.
• Dr Anu's full name is Dr Adepoju Anuoluwapo but she also goes by the nickname 'Sisi Anu'
• She is a liposuctionist and cosmetic surgeon
• She was formerly accused of negligence and attempted ploy to kill Omohtee, a statement she bluntly denied during an interview section with Abisola Alawode of Legit.ng. According to the doctor, she was blackmailed by a popular blogger who reportedly told her to pay ₦2 million to make the story go away.
• On July 2020, Dr Anu Fella was arrested and charged to court following allegations of a botched surgery that led to the death of a patient.
• Not much is known about Dr Anu's marital life as she keeps them out from the social media. However, according to TheFamousNaija.com, the famous doctor is the mother of two lovely kids.

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