Relationships: 5 Ways You Can Handle The Sex Problems

5 Ways You Can Handle The Sex Problems
Talking about sex is still considered a taboo in our country.

Due to this reason, no one likes to talk about it openly. 
Thus, people tend to hide sex problems if they have any. 
These problems can happen due to psychological or physical issues. Moreover, with time your body will undergo physical transformations that can have a major influence on your sexuality. 
Changing hormone levels and stress will lead to other severe sexual problems. 

Addressing these issues is important because intimacy is critical for a relationship. Without intimacy, your relationship will get spoilt and you will miss out on the health benefits of regular sexual release. Thus, having a good sex life is important for you and your partner. 
Sexual problems are common, thus recognizing them is important for timely action. In this article, we have consolidated some common sexual problems and how you can handle those. 

Reduced libido

Decrease in sexual drive is common in both men and women. It can happen if you are depressed, stressed, or have delivered recently. Other factors like health issues, diabetes, drugs, etc. can also reduce your libido. 
It can take a toll on your relationship and cause fights between you and your partner. Taking timely help thus becomes important. You can opt for psychosexual therapy and consult a trained therapist who can help you explore your sexuality and overcome sexual dysfunctions. 
A sex therapist will not only help you in recognizing your sexual needs but will work with you in removing negative thoughts from your mind. If the problem is due to physical issues, you can consult an ED specialist, such as Male Excel, and take medication as prescribed. 

Premature ejaculation

In this condition, a man ejaculates too quickly during sex. Anxiety, depression, stress, health issues, etc. are some of the factors that can cause premature ejaculation. This condition can have a huge impact on your sexual life and eventually, your relationship will suffer. 
Therefore, if you feel that you are facing this problem, then consult your doctor immediately. He/she will treat the underlying conditions causing premature ejaculation. 
You can also try self-help options like using thick condoms or masturbating before sex to prolong the release. 

Pain during sex

Pain during sex can be caused due to infection, illness, or physical problems. If you are facing this issue, then you must consult your doctor without wasting any time. In women, changing hormones can cause this condition. 
The female organ becomes dry and hence they experience pain during intercourse. Generally, hormone replacement therapy is suggested by doctors to solve this problem. 
Moisturizing creams and lubricants are also very helpful. In men, this condition is known as dyspareunia and is less common. Hypnotherapy can help you in getting some relief from pain. 


In this condition, the female organ tightens due to spasm in the pelvic floor muscles. This blocks the male organ from entering it. if not treated, this condition can be present for longer durations. It can happen due to yeast or urinary tract infections. 
Fear of sex, trauma, or pregnancy can also cause this sexual disorder in women. You must consult a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor biofeedback. In this treatment, women are taught how to consciously relax their muscles. 
You can also consult a physical therapist who can prescribe medication and exercises for better muscle control.  

Erectile dysfunction

It is the inability to keep an erection firm during sexual intercourse. It is also called impotence sometimes. Some of the possible causes of erectile dysfunction include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, or hormone imbalance. 
Stress, anxiety, relationship problems, and depression can also cause this sexual disorder. 
Thus it is important to work with your doctor so that they can identify the exact cause of this sexual problem. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor will provide you with the right medication. 
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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and alcohol is important to stay away from health issues that can cause sexual problems. 
Exercising daily keeps the stress away and your hormones in check. If you still get a sexual problem, then consulting a medical professional should be your first step. 
Taking timely medication will resolve all your issues and you will be able to lead a healthy sexual life.

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