7 Basic Rules Of Living In Lagos, Nigeria

7 Basic Rules Of Living In Lagos, Nigeria
In this article, we'd be exploring some basic things you need to know about living in Lagos as a guy (or even a lady).
Lagos is one of the best places to live in as a Nigerian (or immigrant), the business opportunities, the hotels, beaches, markets and everything. While I'm based in Imo State, I've visited Lagos a couple of times and my stays there were so fun, but I also remember the regular 'Shine Your Eyes' quote.

In two minutes, you could become a wallet poorer if you make movements like a JJC. Your dressing, steps, packaging and even language could easily sell you off as a novice in the streets.
Below are some very important rules you should know about living in Lagos, Nigeria:
Mind who you date: How would you feel getting beaten up by the area boys over a lady? Those guys are so rough and can even kill to protect their crushes/girlfriends.
Never enter into any relationship with a lady that is so popular to the extent that some area boys are also showing interest in her, you might not like the outcome.
Lagos fights are not shows: You'll occasionally see young guys (and even the ladies) exchange blows on the streets. As a gent, just focus on where you're going to.
Stopping to watch the fights might mean exposing yourself to pickpockets who are always on the watch for their next victims. You might also end up in the police cell when the law enforcement agents come to control the fight.
Your dressing could implicate you: This doesn't just apply to Lagos, but almost all Nigerian states, especially the university campuses. Your dressing could land you some serious beating if you're not a cultist.
There are some colour combinations of clothing that you should avoid wearing at all cost. For example, a combination of yellow and black or red and black.
Don't get kidnapped: Unless when you can't, always endeavour to enter the bus at a park. At least, until you become very familiar with the Lagos streets.
For any reason, never board a bus that is full of male passengers or not registered. There is a high chance that you just entered ONE CHANCE!
The police is not your friend: I've heard several stories of people being accused of crimes they didn't commit by the law enforcement agencies, so you need to be very careful. Avoid getting into arguments with the police officers at all costs.
Arguments could cost you more than you bargained for, and even some nights in the cell. Always have a valid ID card on you to help identify you when the need be.
Also, tattoos and piercings could subject you to police harassment in Nigeria, always remember that.
Always be polite: Lagos is a very small place and there is a high chance that you'd meet someone you helped another day. Whether you're staying for a few days or you'd be living there, always endeavour to treat everyone with respects.
Be polite and very open-minded. The street boys you see daily are not useless, a little 'leave am na my guy' could save your from some serious problems.
Shine your eyes: How would it feel like opening the phone you just bought to see some raps of fufu? Unless you're very familiar with the markets, avoid stress transactions at places like comp[uter village, Lagos island and Sabo-Yida.
If you need a new phone or other gadgets, walk into a shop, pay for the product and collect your receipt. You might also be given a warranty.

What did I miss? Also, remember to leave your house very early to avoid getting cut up in the traffic. And, if you must use waterways transportation, consider buying your own personal life jacket.
Don't forget to drop the ones I didn't list as comments below.
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