Excellent App Ideas For Startups To Launch In 2020

Excellent App Ideas For Startups To Launch In 2020
Mobile applications have undoubtedly grown to become the primary reason for business growth.
Today making it in the world of business without an app idea is a waste of time. They are ranging from acquiring their dedicated mobile app to luring more customers’ leads to fast-thriving enterprises. 
Launching an app is not about selecting the most outstanding app.
It is not an easy task to come up with over million-dollar app ideas. The app idea concept is the most vital part of app development through the use of the best mobile app developers for hire. 
Here are amazing best app ideas for startups that you can launch in 2020 and make good money!

• Dating app

Instead of meeting new people face to face, many people prefer dating apps. The solution to this issue is the online dating app through which you can meet new people, know them, and move your relationship further. There are different types of dating apps. There apps for flirting, hookups, and other entail serious relationships. The online dating app offers you a platform for searching for partners, depending on your taste and preference.

• Spending tracker

The spending tracker app helps you to keep records of your expenditure. These include rentals, billings, and any other monthly income. Add your information to track down your monthly expenses. 

• Social networking apps

These are used by people to connect virtually. Many people spend over 60% of their time on social media, chatting, or connecting with others online! Facebook is one of the most well-liked and familiar social media platforms. It connects individuals across the world. With time several apps were introduced in the market in the likes of the telegram, Whatsapp, snap chat, Instagram, and many more. Social networking app offer features like voice calls, video calls, security, and integration of the maps. It also permits its users to share photos and other vital documents.

• Quiz app

Are you in preparation for an exam? Perhaps the entry exam and you have prepared notes and relevant books that you are handling. You probably want to check your knowledge and test yourself! The quiz app is a great solution as it comes through during this time. It offers you specific questions for either kid or those in schools and college students for the entrance exam. The quiz app has used for checking general knowledge, which helps you pull through the online tests. These questions have used when taking the exams or for interview purposes.

• Food delivery app

It is an easy app to use. By just listening to the name, you will know the service you are supposed to handle. There is a likelihood of the food industry to increase in the future. It is all because of the requirement of human beings. Probably you are tied up in your work station, or just tired by your daily routine. Let say you have friends over your house yet had a hectic day. You will need this app to lessen your work. It is a more natural way as you will get your food and pay online.
Many times, when browsing internet, we find a page that is interesting and we want to save it so we can read it later. An online bookmark app is perfect for storing such pages. You can store all the pages that you find relevant or which you think might help you in some way or the other in future. It is simple to use and you can even import and export your bookmarks across different browsers.

• Driver tracking app

Do you intend to run a delivery service like courier, parcel or goods delivery? Although many hire a third person for these services, a group of people is working under you. However, being a business owner, there is a need to check on all the facilities! For a business owner, there is a need to know what is going on by keeping track. It is essential to understand how satisfied your customers are. You can only achieve this by incorporating the tracking app. You will need to keep track of your driver in this case and know whether they are going through any problem. The driver tracking app helps your customers as they keep track of their goods. That way, you will know the approximate time of delivery.

• Rental booking app

These days’ people are likely to move from place to place following different reasons. Besides, everyone wants to live a comfortable life. After all, they are paying for it. Some of the ideas that would trigger migration from place to place include job transfer, conducive environment, or perhaps want a long vacation out of busy town life! Instead of styling in the hotels, many people prefer rental properties, especially the monthly rented packages. However, getting a rental property without a good referral could be quite tricky. It could even involve the use of a lot of money without finding the right place to rent.

• Job recruitment app

Today, there are several jobs available in almost all fields, yet there are many jobless people. The difficulty is that there is no link through which the company can directly connect to people who are worth the jobs. A proper job recruitment app would be essential to allow both the company and the jobless individuals to get employment. Job seekers can upload their credentials in the expertise field and prevalent experience. On the other hand, the company can advertise the available positions with specific roles of the workers. It will make it possible for the job seekers to fill in their potential place, and there will be likely to meet the quorum. 

• Disaster management app

No one can stop disaster as they come unplanned. But, we can help prevent the damages they cause. Disaster management helps in warning people of the likelihood of lousy occurrence happening, and it can help in saving lives. The app can help individuals to learn how to behave when faced with particular challenges. Apart from that, it helps you learn how to rescue stranded people, help the rescue operators with needed information, and help a number of people. 


In this article, we have addressed several mobile best app ideas for a startup business that will help you make money in 2020. The most significant technological innovations in 2020, mobile apps have become a necessity for all businesses. 
Consider using the above apps for better results.
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