Watch Episode 1 Of Nigerian Family-Comedy Drama, LIKE RIPPLES

Watch Episode 1 Of Nigerian Family-Comedy Drama, LIKE RIPPLES
Episode 1 of the long awaited Nigerian family comedy drama, LIKE RIPPLES is out and you can stream it for free on YouTube.
The show revolves around a hilarious errand boy, two enemies in the house (step mother and her sister), a failed father, Anita and her twin brothers.
In the Episode 1, the gateman, Atom could be seen dancing at the gate while one of the twins approaches.
He hasn't seen him before and tried questioning him, and it ends in a slap.
The second twin arrives, and on seeing him, remembers the slap and collapses. 
In the house, Anita, the twin's younger sister is seen telling their father that she can't cope with the gateman, who is the son of the former gateman.
The drama unfolds and adventured begin!
This is just the genesis!

Watch Episode 1 of LIKE RIPPLES (The Home Coming)


Father - Mr. James Ugwu
Step mother- Joy Amajioyi
Anita - Ugochi Precious
Clifford - Igbo Chimaizuobi
Stanford - Igbo Onyemaizuchi
Shaker - Peter Chiamaka
Atom - Kingsley Chima

The series was directed by Mr Benny Ukaoha for Metaphor TV!
Happy viewing.
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