Your Guide To Employee Management Apps In 2020

Your Guide To Employee Management Apps In 2020
Take a look at any business magazine or a news outlet, and you would notice communication and flexible work policies getting a lot of attention.
Topics such as company policies concerning employee management are also regularly discussed. However, there is another element to employee management that many are increasingly paying attention to. A need for employee management apps has emerged over the previous years as digital technologies have become the bedrock of every organization. 

You may be facing difficulty as a manager in deciding on the best way to approach the matter. You can choose among hundreds of apps because the market is inundated with such services. In this article, we will provide you with three options that are among the best. They offer an impressive blend of features and affordability.


XNSPY is a highly advanced smartphone monitoring app specifically designed for employee monitoring. The app offers features that excel at monitoring the productivity, transparency, and communications of your employees. XNSPY’s WhatsApp monitoring tool is also regarded among the most effective. 

What makes the app unique is that it is smartphone oriented. Most of the employee monitoring apps are not tailored for this platform. XNSPY recognizes how phones are mobile computers and cater to this need.
Let’s take a look at the app’s features before we discuss the price and compatibility options.

XNSPY’s features

Call monitoring: You can use the app to view all call-related information such as incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Information such as the duration of each call, along with the date and time, are available as well. You can even record phone conversations to keep track of how your employees are engaging with customers and clients. This is a useful tool if customer service quality is a concern.
GPS Tracking: The app can identify the exact location of the phone, as well as track its location in real-time. You can also see where they were at a particular time with the location history function. Moreover, XNSPY has a geofencing tool that you can use to mark specific locations to digitally “fence” them. The app will generate notifications the moment your employees enter or leave that location. This feature is indispensable, particularly if you have to manage mobile employees.
Social media & Instant messaging app monitoring: XNSPY has a social media and instant messaging monitoring feature. You can view SMS and all texts on apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Viber. Moreover, WhatsApp monitoring with XNSPY is quite advanced. You can view all messages and multimedia files exchanged on all chats. This can include photos, videos, voice notes, and documents.
Productivity management: You can manage the productivity of your employees by monitoring their workplace screen time. This includes looking into their internet browsing history, all sent/received emails, installed apps, and complete device-use reports. You can also block any app that you feel an employee is misusing. The browsing history tracking tool is useful because it shows who is wasting valuable company time. There is no website blocking tool, so this is a drawback you must keep in mind. 
Remote device control: You can remotely control the phone with XNSPY. You can also view their calendar entries or phonebook. Xnspy also gives you the option to remotely take screenshots, activate the microphone of a phone, or even delete all data in case of device theft/loss.
Instant alert function: You can add any contact number, location, or a word to the XNSPY watch list. The app will generate notifications the moment it recognizes related activity. XNSPY’s WhatsApp monitoring function is a suitable area where this function works because it deals with contact numbers and text messages.

The app supports both Android and iOS devices. The basic version of XNSPY costs USD 4.99 per month, and the premium package comes with a price tag of USD 7.49. We suggest you take a look at their website for more information on these versions.

2. Connecteam

Your Guide To Employee Management Apps In 2020
Connecteam is a well-known app that is considerably different from XNSPY. It is not designed for employee monitoring. However, it excels at its primary goals, that is improved communication, better workflow management, and greater employee engagement. 
For example, the app offers features such as newsletters, surveys, multimedia sharing, communication tools, employee training courses, workflow management tools, and scheduling features. Employees can also use the time tracking feature and a real-time read-and-sign function at any moment. Connecteam’s pricing options start from USD 29 per month for 200 users. This app is handy to improve the workflow at your office and improve employee engagement. This means that it can be used in tandem with employee monitoring apps such as XNSPY and Time Doctor.

3. Time Doctor

Your Guide To Employee Management Apps In 2020
Time Doctor is slightly different from both apps on our list. This is because it is principally oriented towards measuring the productivity of employees. This is done by tracking the time when employees log into their accounts. The timer can be paused too. However, when the timer is active, the Time Doctor takes regular screenshots. 

The app has a productivity tool that automatically identifies the relevance of each web page accessed on the browser. However, this can be a bit unpredictable due to the misidentification of web pages. The Time Doctor’s productivity tracking tool is reliable when compared to other similar applications. It correctly recognizes all productive or unproductive apps.

The total productivity score for each day, week, and month are also available on the Time Doctor portal. Managers can quickly identify and measure the time and productivity of each employee. The app only tracks the user during working hours, and all other activities remain private.
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