5 Facts You Need To Know About Abby Zeus, Founder Of The Boob Movement

Abby Zeus

Abby Zeus is a South African based-Nigerian model, brand influencer, video vixen and body positivity activist. She is popularly known for founding the Boob Movement, an advocacy platform that is focused on educating women on reasons they need to be proud of their boobs. The movement has earned her thousands of followers across Instagram and Facebook.

About Abby Zeus

While we're yet to get Abby Zeus's educational background, and biography, I've been able to gather some information that will help you understand her better:
• Abby Chioma Zeus was born on the 23rd of January, 1997 and she is currently 23 years old. We don't have much information about her place of birth, but she's a Nigerian, though currently residing in South Africa.
• Growing up, Chioma hated herself for being blessed with large bosoms as she was being taunted, but in the long run, she started liking it and started recognising it as a thing of pride.
• Abby Zeus founded The Boobs Movement with the primary aim of educating women on reasons they need to be proud of their boobs. In a Twitter post, she expressed her dissatisfaction on how women's breasts were being sexualised, instead of their primary purpose of breastfeeding the younger ones.
• Are Abby Zeus's boobs natural? Well, yes..according to her. She revealed that her boobs have been big since the age of 13.
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