7 Beautiful Rural Places to Visit in England

7 Beautiful Rural Places to Visit in England

These places are rural areas you can visit in England; they are locations that have been selected with several standard measures in mind.

The rural places in England which are listed in this paragraph are cheap to gain access to, they are places with decent wildlife and are totally within 1-2 hour drive of a very large city or town.

A lot of these rural cities in England are naturally reserved by nature, lovingly well-preserved and looked after by the government and the people.

Every of these locations are cool places for wildlife conservation; it is just that most of them don’t provide facilities which include loos or cafes. But the best idea is to bring about a picnic and a lot of water so as to find it attractive by you and to roam about where the fanciness in it will be taking you to.

Formby point in Merseyside

Not all parts of England are blessed by these wildlife resources as that of sefton coast, yet you can still count on Formby point as a good place to catch cruises, residing here is a very good idea though.

There are few rare fern, moths and even the famed liverwort in this part of England, even the beaches there are with good fossils.

Formby has some stations which are not far away from the beach, these stations are two stations, and they are named Formby and freshfield. So it is easy, you will be able to get here at ease via the public transport.

It is free to park your car in a few of the towns here, if you will come with your private car.

It is around 35 minutes from Southport and about 50 minutes from Liverpool, so you have nothing to worry about the distance.

The well-known and populated residents in this location are animals like the squirrel and few human beings.

The squirrels are beautiful and tamed, most people buy nuts to nourish them from some warden offices.

You should know about the 3 blooded and cold stars that are in Formby, there are the crested newt, sand lizard and the toads.

So be prepared to catch fun!

Old sulehay in Northamptonshire

This location is a maximum distance of 20 minutes from Peterborough, and 55 minutes from Leicester, it is a fancy trip looking at oysters while heading to ancient woodland. This may sound ridiculous right?

But the old sulehay forest close to Northamptonshire, this is also a good nature reserve you can think about; it has been unharmed for a long time, for about a century to be precise. Here is the place the freshly seed grassy land is becoming a project for the future.

Flanders Moss in Stirlingshire

This is the place where you can get to within a distance of 20 minutes from stirling and 50 minutes from Glasgow.

Flanders Moss is regarded as a large bog located in the hill of the upper forth, being raised to the western part of stirling. Maybe you are not a fan of the bogs, then you should jump to the next place.

Here is a precious place that is also blessed with a wildlife ecosystem, a special and peaceful atmosphere that makes you feel alive all day.

During summer, the bogs are distinguished places for all such tamed flies like the damselflies and the dragonflies; it is one of the stations in the northern part of Britain.

Wyre forest in Worcestershire

This rural area in England is about 20 minutes away from Kidderminster, while taking your journey from Birmingham, it is more of a 45-50 minutes’ drive.

This is a place where there is a high probability of losing yourself while you take a walk to admire its beauty. It is about 5,930 acres of land and endowed with many types of woodland, including the old meadow and orchards.

The forest is located in the western region of the river Severn.

Moving through plateau, either from the Southern part of it to the eastern part or otherwise, it is a beautiful place to explore, the stunning dowels brook and the valley, which seems to be the richest part of the whole area.

This has proven to be the heart of the whole forest, a place where all visitors ought to head as the priority spot.

South Gower cliffs in Glamorgan

Its distance is 40 minutes from the city of Swansea, unlike Llanelli which will take you about 45 minutes from there.

It is a place which is coastline rich with all the treasure you will want to imagine, it has one of the best beaches around.

Close to a village called Rhossili, this place is really blessed with golden-like sand which will definitely tempt you to stay more at your first arrival, especially if you arrive there on a day that is sunny.

Sheepleas in surrey

It will take you about 20 minutes to arrive at Sheepleas if you take off from Guildford, but it is a 50 minutes journey from London.

It was said by a scientist in 1913 that this area is the “finest piece of botanical land within 30 miles of London”. Travellers can get luggage storage in London which will be useful for their travel.

If this was said by an eminent scientist, then you can imagine how important and beautiful its nature reserve will be.

Lancaut in Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire

The journey is about 30 minutes from Bristol and also 30 minutes from Newport…

This spot is well dominated by the beautiful rivers and valleys around it, it is a place very unique in Britain, it is very satisfactory to take a walk from Chepstow and then keep an eye on the lancaut loop.

Erewash Meadow in Nottinghamshire

Erawash can be compared to a drifting boggy river; this means that the area is not mostly crossable. Even when you manage to pass, you have to be careful!

You can get to Erawash within 30 minutes from anywhere in Nottingham and Derby.

It is a well conserved wildlife region you should visit, there is an approximate amount of 200 species of bird which has been recorded there. If you love to explore birds, then this is the right place for you to be.

These places are rural areas in England worth visiting, they have been recommended under thorough and genuine research for you.

You should know that before you can travel to England, you need to have a Vis. It could be a travel visa or student visa or in fact, a tourist visa. It doesn’t matter, what matters is you being able to book a flight and land at your destination in England.

As Nigerians who want to travel to England but do not have a visa, it’s not the end of the world. There are actually interesting places you can visit in Africa aside from England. These places are visa free countries for Nigerians and you can visit as much as you like. I won’t be sharing with you a list here but I’m pretty sure you’ll learn more in our next blog post about countries in Africa you can visit without visa.

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