Food & Nytrition: Zero Carb Diet for a Healthy Life

Food & Nytrition: Zero Carb Diet for a Healthy Life

It's a peculiar way to eat, but there are some people who swear by a zero carb diet and believe it is the healthiest way to eat.

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What is a zero-carb diet?

A zero carb diet is a stringent method of removing all the carbohydrates from the diet. While following such diets, you eat nothing but only fat and primary protein. Carbohydrates are the major source of energy in your system and essentially act as a fuel for the proper functioning of your body. Therefore, your diet should be high in fat and protein, which should complete your body's energy requirements. 

Difference between zero carb diet and low-carb 

A low-carb diet is a diet in which you are allowed to eat a limited amount of carbohydrates compared to protein and fat. Whereas, a zero-carb diet is an extremely rigid variant of a low-carb diet where carb consumption is wholly avoided. You are supposed to take protein and high-fat as a source of your energy. Such an extreme method should only be followed after proper research and consultation from an expert.

The research

Some research groups recommend that a low -carb diet can help you in shedding those extra kilos efficiently. Also, restricting carbohydrates and including healthy protein and fat has shown some health benefits in many people across the globe. But not necessarily a wholly controlled carbohydrate diet will show such effective results in the long run. Also, a zero-carb diet is unnecessary as you can achieve the desired health benefits by maintaining a low-carb diet as well.

You are all aware of the low-fat diet, keto diet, low-carb diet, etc. They are all arranged in a way that they can help you lose weight rapidly.  You should incorporate them with routine exercise, including both strength training and cardio. Here, we will discuss a zero carb diet, which, as the name suggests, is a diet that involves excluding carbs completely. It is an extreme variant of low-carb diets and removes all carbs, including vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Before we delve deep into elucidating how the low-carb diet functions, we want to shed light on how shrinking your carb intake can help you shed kilos in the short term, but the lost kilos will come back as soon as you get back to a regular eating routine.
The diet is severely prohibitive and is challenging to be sustained for an extended period.

Zero carb diet: Is it healthy?

Carbs are the principal source of energy for your body. They are present in vegetables, grains, beans, fruits, milk, legumes, bread, yogurt, baked foods, and pasta. If you are an adherent of zero carb diet to lose weight, then you have to shun these foods as quickly as possible.

In a zero carb diet, you have to consume foods that are majorly rich in fats and protein. Foods like fish, meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, and seeds are all rich sources of healthy fats and protein. They can also have non-starchy vegetables like cabbage, artichokes, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, broccoli, eggplant, turnips, zucchini, onions, salad greens, mushrooms, peppers, asparagus, bean sprouts, and tomatoes. Coconuts and avocados are also foods you can eat in a zero carb diet.

A zero carb diet is very close to the keto diet - a diet plant that talks about eating proteins moderately and eating right and healthy fats and about limiting carb consumption. The two diets encourage us to get over 70% of calories from fats. But a zero carb diet is more restrictive than the keto diet.

If you want to be on a zero carb diet, you can include the foods mentioned above in your diet: the ones to be avoided included processed. Also, you need not care about portion size while following a zero carb diet as it already involves curbing a macronutrient.

Zero carb diet for rapid weight loss: How it works

Restricting carb intake shows immediate effects for weight loss. Replacing carbs with fat or protein content can help you feel fuller, making you eat lesser overall calories. This further promotes weight loss. Also, a deficient carb diet can lead to accelerated weight loss in the first couple of months because of water weight loss. This is because every gram of carbs holds around three grams of water in the body.

However, the diet comes with its downsides like nutritional deficiencies and constipation. You are likely to feel fatigued and starved, and most of the time, and experience much more cravings than before. You will feel irked and experience more mood swings.

So, while a zero carb diet can help you lose weight rapidly, you should avoid following it for extended periods. A safer way to lose weight, perhaps, is by practicing portion control, including all essential nutrients in your diet, exercising regularly, taking less stress, sleeping well, and being physically active.

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